What Time Do You Start Thinking Lunch?

via Twitter:

Answer: Right after I finish my lunch the day before.


  • My weekday lunches are pretty boring since I rarely leave the office, but I’ll plan weekend lunches days in advance.

  • the day of – I never know what I feel like eating until an hour after my bfast

  • Being of great age; or as Mama put it “an oldie Dork”…i plan my weekly meal with great thought.If in London it’s Monday Hot.Tuesday Lite (no Black puddin).Wens, beer and crisps Thursday pret a manger(i know)

    Friday(after Huge fry up at an eastend greasy spoon)…i skip…..but then Thai or Chinkie or Indian in the evening.

    If im in Shropshire i just eat lard and shoot the Welsh.

  • everytime i visit this website.

  • depends on how long I am distracted by cute shoes on the internets

  • What Rudy, on Friday you never get drunk with your indian mates and then “go out for an English”?

    Best ‘midtown’ lunch in London is at Birley’s Moorgate – bacon, avocado, tomato and mayo on a baguette, HOLD THE BUTTER

  • it’s the first thing i think about when i get to the office


  • Around 10 AM, after breakfast. It’ll take about 2-3 hours to decide what I want to do for lunch.

  • busy days about an hour after breakfast. slow days pretty much as soon as i get to work.

  • Depends on how hungry I am….

  • As soon as I step foot into Walgreens.

  • When do I start thinking of lunch? Just before dinner the day before…

  • This implies I ever stop thinking about what to eat.

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