Grilled Cheese Could Win You Free Artisanal Dinner

In honor of grilled cheese month (who knew!?) Artisanal (on Park Ave. & 32nd) is giving away dinner for two and a basket of cheese to the person who comes up with the coolest grilled cheese recipe.  Got an idea? You can submit your entry on Artisanal’s Facebook page. Their menu is out of the ML price range (even the new supposedly cheap grilled cheese bar), but I don’t think there are any among us who wouldn’t take free dinner! [Official Contest Page]


  • Can a resubmit my original magical animal and just have them grill it.

  • I am going to win so no one else needs to bother entering.

  • Awesome. I have some ideas, but I see some of them are already on their grilled cheese month menu. Time to step it up. Step it up 2.

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