Financier Patisserie to Open Two New Midtown Locations

Midtown Lunch friend (and contributor) Kathy YL Chan from A Passion for Food noticed this little bit news on Chowhound yesterday: Financier Patisserie will be opening a new location in Midtown East on 1st Avenue and 54th Street.  First Ave. is a bit of a hike for most Midtown Lunchers, but it’s ok… because we just got this even bigger news from the source:  F.P. has two new Midtown locations in the works, and the 2nd one is going to be in the Fox News Building on 6th Ave. btw. 47+48th.  It will be a boutique location, like the one in World Financial Center Downtown, and will carry their famous tarts, cakes, and pastries, plus sandwiches, salads, and more… and from the looks of the menu on their website, everything is under $10.  According to Kathy, “nothing is like OMG CRAZY GOOD, but everything is like really good (if that makes sense.)” No word yet on when either location will open.

Financier Patisserie (coming soon)

  • 983 First Avenue (at 54th Street)
  • 1211 Sixth Avenue (at 48th Street)

Photo courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything (Robyn Lee)


  • Like, OMG that’s CRAZY AMAZING (if that makes sense)!
    I just like peed a little!

  • I lizzed

  • ….given the current climate….one would think not to call anything but with’financier’ in the title.

    Do they want a london bobby thrown through the window?

  • One day, about 3 years ago, after overimbibing at the much underated Applebee’s Happy Hour, my wife and I strolled past the Financier @ the World Financial Center on the way back to our hotel (The Ritz, if you must know).

    My little lady swooned at the array of cakes and other finery in their chilled cases.

    As we were celebrating a special occasion, I purchased one of everything they sold, had it delivered to our hotel and had the Ritz send up numerous bottles of champagne (Billecart-Salmon, if that excites you).

    A memorable evening, to be sure.

    Financier’s offerings were certainly expensive (money is no object for us) but were just incredibly delicacies created by a very skilled and inventive pastry chef.

    I find, however, than when a gem like this “expands” to follow the almighty dollar, quality almost inevitably suffers. Let’s hope that does NOT happen in this case.

  • i take it they’re opening in the location that’s being built out across from flavors??

  • Finally something to eat whilst wearing the new $595 Donna Karan jeans

  • Yes, folks to whom “money is no object” are to found frequently at Applebee’s Happy Hour.

  • No joke man, those are some fine pastries.

  • Financier’s co-owner and patissiere-in-chief Eric Bedoucha is Paris-trained and produces authentic, yummy French pastries.

  • I’ve been to Financier, once, and never again. The macarons there are awful. Hardly any filling at all (

  • If the macarons are as good at the ones at Bouchon Bakery, I will be there at least weekly.

  • Financier already has like 3 locations downtown to the guy who said something about expansion. They all do well as far as I know though I stick to the Stone/Pearl St. location cuz it’s the closest.

    Rudy, Financier is a type of pastry.
    Good stuff. Haven’t had their macarons cuz they look dry.

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