Midtown Lunch is Huuuuuge in Canada

The CBC aired a four part documentary called “The Great Food Revolution” last week, and a small part of it was dedicated to food blogging.  They asked me to take them to some of my favorite Midtown Lunch spots, so a few months ago a camera followed me to Margon, Minar, Cafe Zaiya, and the Biryani Cart.  I wasn’t going to be post the video (I am embarrassingly goofy looking *and* sounding) but I feel bad not letting the infamous Midtown Lunch Commenters see me discuss how scared they make me.  Plus all those who were disappointed that I didn’t look fatter in the VendrTV video, you’ll be happy to know I look much heftier in this one.

Video is after the jump…


  • Oh man!! That’s totally YUSHI you are sitting at in the interview!!!

  • @Mamacita- That, I didn’t pick.

  • Soon Zach will leave us for the food network….it’ll just be me Mama, wayne and some fat irish bartenders.

  • i’m preparing the contracts for when The Commenters becomes a spin-off mini-series

    gonna make you bleed zach, this kind of talent doesn’t come cheap

  • How long till places start giving you the special “zach” meals to make it seem like they don’t suck.

  • Will Bossman be a recurring character? Doc Chuck is essentially Kramer.

  • Well Ben I wouldn’t go that far. I actually think ML is improving the food landscape. Hello? Sandwich challenge?? Actually getting off the radar of boring places to ‘grow some” AKA step up to the bat. Certe and Free Foods is a perfect example. Come to think of it, bastards owe us some royalties. We’re making their profit margin for these 2 months!

  • I just wonder if it has happened/will happen.

  • As usual, it’s Canadians who know a good thing when they see it!

  • Zach, you are a superstar!!!

  • Hey, did you hear that part where “Commenters are unregulated???”
    Damn skippy, Doc Chick is going to go wild after that one.

  • Crazy Joe Davola

  • Time for a catchphrase and to have your publicist list your age as 30..

  • @Dubbin – Are you havin’ a laugh?

    Is he havin’ a laugh?

  • I think he havin’ a laugh

  • @dougiec, sorry to disagree with you but DC= Newman, or to the commenters across the pond, DC = Gareth, Wernham Hogg, Slough branch

  • @Mamacita – I agree that ML has a relatively big impact on the restaurants/carts around midtown, but!
    @Zach – I really wish you would have this sort of impact on the places in the east side of midtown… more Out of bounds reviews? :)

  • Zach: So, your newfound fame in Canada is kind of like Cheap Trick being a smash in Japan, or Jerry Lewis in France, eh?

  • Dear Zach:

    I am writing to tell you I am giving you Free Biryani Cart food for life. (yours, not mine – you eat a lot of crap hehe)

    Thanks for all your help! Come visit my new home in Westchester. You can swim in my pool and ride my new horses. I owe it all to you.

    -Forever Grateful,

    The Biryani Cart dude

  • @meyekull – I wish Midtown Lunch made these street cart vendors rich… sadly, that is not the case.

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