Mantra is Not Turning into a Pinche Taqueria, Yet

It was reported on Thursday that Pinche Taqueria was taking over the old Mantra space on 2nd Ave. & 52nd Street, but a walk-by on Friday afternoon yielded this email from a Midtown Lunch’er:

“I just went by the Old Mantra and saw ZERO sign of anything new happening. There is no way this place is opening up, unless they’re operating without any signs of their own. Am I missing something?”

That doesn’t sound promising.  But what about our tacos?!?  There must be an explanation…

According to somebody who answered the phone at Mantra on Saturday afternoon, the bi-level lounge isn’t going anywhere. They did, however, ditch their Asian fusion cuisine for the Pinche Taqueria menu starting last week.  They also confirmed that Mantra is planning on opening for lunch starting today (with the full Pinche Taqueria menu), but who knows for sure.  I guess the real question is… can we put up with the decor of Mantra to eat tasty tacos.  And how close to the real thing will the food be. ML early adopters, let us know in the comments if you decide to check it out.


  • I also wonder if they will use Pinche’s menu prices, or Mantra’s menu prices…

  • lies! and after I started propagating the rumors too within my circle of friends. nice going.

    oh wait. i went to the one downtown for some fish tacos a couple of months ago. they weren’t that good anyway.

  • just stopped over by mantra, no pinche. went el rey del sabor for salty beef tacos and a chicken empanada instead!

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