Are Stomach Aches a Rite of Passage for the True Midtown Lunch’er?

That was twittered @midtownlunch last week. What do you think? I don’t want to jinx it but I have never gotten food poisoning or any sort of really bad stomach ache from my Midtown Lunch’ing. That’s not to say I’ve avoided “issues” entirely. (If you eat at carts often you are bound to have had an assplosion at some point, right?)


  • Just ate at Jamaican Dutchy for lunch and plan to be running to the bathroom faster than Usain Bolt shortly.

    Every meal at Szechuan Gourmet makes me think of a line from the movie “Bad Santa”:

  • Assplosion. Thanks, Zach, I’ll have that in my head forEVER now.

  • Yvo, i prefer spinchter tinkle.

  • Tavern Ass is a normal thing friday-sunday.

    My stomach ailments usually arrive from eating TOO much.

  • SEAWORLD!! Damn you Daniel!! I though frying would kill that shit!!

  • Its not good food if your stomach doesn’t hurt after eating it…

  • I can’t believe you disgusting people. And Zach, encouraging it no less

    That said, if your cheeks haven’t been singed by a sulfurous semi-solid projectile cow patty dump after streetmeat, you probably made some mistake. Try extra hot sauce next time.

    And M, I warned you about SeaWorld in the comments. That place is crawling with heebiejeebies

  • Wayne, no amount of Pepto could have fixed that.

    So if this bowel movement day on ML? Damn.

  • You should’ve said “hot damn” to refer to the “hot mess” that might come out of the nether regions.

  • I think I have only ever gotten the squirts from brick and mortar places. Never from street food.

  • The real stomach troubles stem from eating meals at places like Cafe Metro and Europa. Screw those places.

  • hmm.. fascinating conversation, but i was always under the impression that street food stomach pains are more related to it stayin around for a while as opposed to massive battle exits.

  • I usually puke if I am going to have any problems with street meat long before it launches out the anus in diarhea form…

  • I won’t touch the falafel guys on 46th and 3rd any more. Third time was the charm.

  • What a load of crap comments.

  • Never the street carts, but then again I am very selective in terms of that. In terms of getting sick in general, it would sometimes be from places that I get dinner from though.

    Gotta be careful of those restaurants.

  • One time in bandcamp. I mean, one time I had to get a flu shot, and I was so busy that day I didn’t get to eat lunch.

    So the day I got my flu shot I went to 53rd st for my usual combo-over-salad-extra-hotsauce.

    That day, I expelled liquid (without going into further detail) and for the next few weeks… LIQUID.

    It took me a while before I could get up to my usual combo-with-extra-hot-sauce. now I’m 100%, but I’ll avoid 53rd st. hotsauce during flushot season………

  • Hilarious. Well, that was a pretty awesome surprise, seeing my tweet on the front page of Midtown Lunch.

    I guess I’ve been avoiding the dodgy carts. I eat a lot at Kwik Meal, and nothing’s happened. Margon didn’t cause any problems as well. Neither did 53rd and 6th. I’m wary of the Biriyani Cart… but I’ll probably try it before the month is out. Hooboy.

  • From the comments above, it sounds like too much greasy food right? I once ate a kebab at a street cart, and I had an excruciating stomach pain that woke me up in the middle of the night. It was so painful I couldn’t walk, and I threw up on the hotel floor. This is still when I was a tourist in NYC. It was definitely food poisoning for me.

  • Just to clarify: many people, especially females, refer to the “assplosion” as a “stomach ache” or “tummy trouble” in polite company. When you get that liquidy, percolating, and subsequent pounding-at–the-gates feeling in your guts, where would you point to indicate the origin of the problem? Your midsection, which most people consider the “stomach area”, even though the actual organ lies right behind the bottom of your sternum.
    In related news from a while ago, good riddance to Sahara Grill on 40th and 7th Ave. You were the assplosion-est shawarma place of all time. I worked across the street from you and you couldn’t get my order right once in 2 years? That spaced out dude with the stupid electric pizza slicer had to have been on serious narcotics to be that inattentive, and for what? A $9.50 “shawarma” platter (i.e. plain old chicken over rice)? I put shawarma in quotes because it really was the only cone-meat on a skewer place where I’m pretty sure the meat was some redolent mixture of dog and horse + spices. Another way old MTL commenter used to talk about selling leftover animals from his kennel or horse ranch to these places, and I’m absolutely sure one of them had to be Sahara Grill. BTW, I’m Egyptian, and I’m quite f’ing certain not a one of the people working there ever actually set foot in the Sahara, North Africa, or any arabic-speaking country for that matter. I’m just saying.

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