Famous Dave’s BBQ Hoping to Open Next Week

From the ML Inbox: “Hey man, just called famous dave’s, they said they will open on april 2nd. -Jake”  That’s one week from today people.  Mark it on your calendars… or not?


  • Not

  • Lame tourist trap not zoned for wood?

  • the only thing i’ve had there was the all american platter. i think it was a whole chicken, a whole rack of ribs (really SMALL st louis style), 1/2lb of brisket, 4 cornbread muffins, 4 coleslaws, 4 baked beans, a heap of fries for $52 bucks. We split it 4 ways and barely finished.

    it wasn’t really worth it though. it was just fun to see them serve it to us on that giant platter. i’ll bet that thing is gonna run for about 70 in midtown.

  • Definitely not. Only redeeming thing about it is they’re constantly giving away coupons for free food, and sometimes the said All American Platter completely gratis. Even then.. I say not.

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