Bring Baoguette’s Fourth Location to Midtown Proper!

TONY’s Feed Blog brings word that Baoguette, the amazing out of bounds banh mi shop on Lex btw. 24+25th, will not only be taking over the old Bamn Automat space on St. Marks, but also plan on opening a 3rd location in the West Village in April. Baoguette… since you are clearly expanding, may I humbly suggest that you consider opening your fourth location in Midtown proper.  It’s the right thing to do, as a reward to all the Midtown Lunchers who have gone out of their way to visit the Murray Hill location!  Can I suggest 48th btw. 5+6th?  If David Chang doesn’t want this space, maybe it could work for you.


  • Baogette is OK (for NYC), but not ‘amazing.’ I can get a better banh mi for $3 or less almost anywhere in Dorchester (south of Boston), and I have. The banh mi (and Vietnamese) cuisine here in NYC is below par, overall.

  • I really enjoy the Lex location – the food is tasty, reasonably priced, and the owners are super nice.

    Only two things that piss me off – somtimes they sell out before closing time and if things get busy it can take forever to get your baoguette.

    I think their regular baoguette is the highlight – the bbq chicken is ok and the sloppy joe is a bit overpriced ($7 vs $5 for the baoguette). Haven’t tried the catfish yet.

  • the golden crust on 3rd between 43rd and 44th just closed. wink wink.

  • and stevenp, thats great, but this is midtown lunch not dorchester lunch.

  • buu–just putting things in perspective. And have you NOT noticed the occasional (but regular) posts on places that are out of bounds, like downtown, or even Texas and San Francisco?

  • sure thats fine, i just dont get it when people comment on posts about how things are “so much better in ______” when its sort of irrelevant. youre entitled to your own opinion but in the case of this site, its called midtown lunch, not nation wide lunch.
    a plate of barbecue in kansas city, mo will be much better and most likely cheaper than a plate of barbecue in midtown new york, but we’re talking about midtown new york, so why even bring it up?
    sure there have been posts about downtown, texas, and san fran, but thats up to zach. he travelled, he ate, he posted about it.

  • I had Baby Pigeon breast(Squab, to you colonials:) a very fresh oven bottom (Muffin,again for you ‘U’ droppers) with burnt onion and a balsamic jus.

    With just the one glass over Rjioca(well, there is a rescession on)

    Twas’ like and Angel pissing on my tongue.

  • wait, *that’s* what Squab is? Winged rat??

  • Wood pigeon ,Sarah……not the grease balls one see’s in Trafalgar Sqr.

  • I know, the sign/logo looks like a chain, but I didn’t realize it was one or would become one so quick. dang.

  • stevenmp,, please move back to doschester please.. and you going to make $5.00 an hour, :-)

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