Airing of Grievances: Yushi’s New Conveyor Belt is For Display Only!?!

Conveyor belt sushi… but not really.

Well this isn’t a good way to kick off your first week with a new conveyor belt:

“I went to Yushi (on 47th btw. Park+Lex) for lunch today and had to walk right out. Why? Because the food on the conveyor is now for display only. That’s right. You look at the food on the conveyor, call your waitress over, and ask for it. You’ll then get your plate delivered. What a novel idea! It’s almost like ordering a la carte, except not remotely as convenient. Here I was getting ready to blow my lunch budget bigtime on some much missed conveyor sushi. Please update the entry so as not to mislead any other midtownlunchers expecting real conveyor treats. -Francois”

If people wanted to order food off a menu they’d go to a regular sushi place! I contacted Yushi for a comment, and their response is after the jump.

“It comes down to freshness. We’d had a lot of comments from the previews that people wanted dishes to be as fresh as possible so we tweaked the format to keep it very fast but very fresh as well. Basically it keeps the best of both worlds and the feedback has been very positive. Having said this, watch this space because we have a further evolution just weeks away…”

What good is having a conveyor belt if you’re not going to let it do its job as a fun, sushi distributing conveyor belt? It’s like having a moving version of those lame glass cases that bad restaurants put in their front doorway. I guess this is what Yushi gets from listening to their regular customers (who probably didn’t need a conveyor belt to get them in the door in the first place!) Lord knows the Midtown Lunch winners didn’t suggest this don’t-mistake-this-for-real-conveyor-belt-sushi idea. Urgh… all that goodwill Yushi earned has now been wasted. This “further evolution” better be good!


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  • conveyor belts don’t bring in tips.

  • I heard the belt was back up and running today, per my coworker

  • At the free AYCE meal I had pointed out to Mamacita that the logistics of the operation were questionable… the waitstaff was already harried, had to keep running back & forth manually filling the conveyor and they still couldn’t keep it even half-filled … and that was with the belt seating area only half-full. Not good. Their marketing-speak comment is actually the opposite of the truth – their solution is the WORST of both worlds – the no-touch food on the belt will get brown curled edges and you’ll have to wait forever for your order from the kitchen. Mamacita & I ordered four dishes off the menu – two never came, one was unavailable and one came after asking for it twice.

    If they go through with this bone-headed plan they might actually make Sakae look good

  • If you want a decent bento, in spitting distance is both Dainubo and Cafe Zest…keep walking johnny!

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