Martha Stewart Suggests You Pack Your Lunch

This week is “Pack Your Own Lunch” week on the Martha Stewart show and today’s episode featured Russ & Daughters, Baoguette, and Marlow & Sons showing you how to make great sandwiches. Bringing your lunch to work is ok a couple of times a week, but what about a show dedicated to helping people find interesting and super cheap lunch, while simultaneously breaking their addiction to $9 salads! (I may know a website that is an expert on that subject…)


  • You’re kidding, right?

    You’re suggesting that we ignorant peons should listen to Martha Stewart and “pack a lunch” — right?

    Other than when this ‘person’ was in federal prison, has she EVER ‘packed a lunch’ in her entire life?

    And to post such crap as this is ludicrous and disgusting.

    Martha Stewart, who is not EVEN allowed to visit the United Kingdom, needs to crawl back into the hole from which she is attempting to emerge.

  • Hey DocChuck! You’re not enraged enough!

  • Oh that’s just silly, DC. I don’t think that anyone could deny that packing a lunch is a good idea. I do it every day – my ‘midtown lunches’ are a weekly treat. Obviously the idea isn’t model, but she’s providing good suggestions to people who are trying to feed their families and themselves healthfully and on a budget.

    She also consistently provides great exposure to American chefs–both in New York around around the country–in a way that the Food Network simply doesn’t.

    If her show consisted entirely of ‘how the top 1% lives,’ we’d stone her for being too aspirational and insensitive to her viewers–most of whom are middle class women trying to make ends meet.

  • Martha has surely packed lunch before to take on a picnic around her grounds – she has a lovely estate with owls and dogs and… it’s beautiful. And I think it’s a great idea to pack lunch, even if only occasionally :)
    Besides, since when in the US does one have to be an expert or actually have done something before they can tell other people to do it? Uh huh.

  • Martha’s federal prison experience probably provided her with more experience in packing stool than lunch

    but I bet it was done sensibly & fashionably

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