Upscale Kosher Butcher?

Noticed this little nugget in a New York Post article about charcuterie this morning: Le Marais, a Kosher Midtown restaurant on 45th btw. 7+8th has a “full butcher shop inside” featuring a “a mildly spicy jerky”. $15 for a 1/4 pound is waaaaay too pricey for me- but I’m intrigued by this butcher counter.  Anybody been?


  • I have seen the butcher counter several times, on my way in and out on the occassions of having dinner there, but have never purchased from it. I have always wanted to buy from there, but it is an expensive way to buy meat. It is a very cool looking counter though, right next to the bar

  • In terms of kosher meat in New York City, the first and last word is:

  • The meat is very good, high quality. It’s the high quality and usually steep kosher prices, plus the butcher’s expertise, that you’re paying for.

  • My boss had us pick up an order for him once. A 2 lb roast was $115! It’s kind of vulgar if you ask me…

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