Boi Sandwich Enters the Sandwich Challenge

Boi Sandwich (on 3rd Ave. btw. 44+45th) has just sent word that they will be introducing a “Chicken Meatball Sandwich” today as their entry in the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge. I’m guessing this will be a Vietnamese version of a meatball sandwich, and while their banh mi aren’t considered the best in the city- they are better than most of the sandwiches in Midtown. Early adopters, let us know what you think.

At Lunch Now: Boi Sandwich is Now Open on 3rd Ave.
Boi to Go (aka How I Learned to Love the $7.50 Banh Mi)


  • I just had their special “Curried Chicken Meatball” sandwich. It was awesome in two respects: size and taste. First, this thing is big. It’s probably almost 2x the size of a Sophie’s sandwich. The “baguette” is more like a 7″ x 5″ slice of a large loaf. The bread is, however, one of the strongest elements of the sandwich – crisp on the outside and very moist and airy on the inside. The French influence in Vietnam definitely pays off here. The combination of flavors is very good – curried chicken meatballs, cilantro, some sweet pickled veggies… all comes together well. None of the flavors are overwelming (the curry is very mild). I highly recommend it. The $7.50 price is high but you do get a lot of food and they are giving away promotion cards where you get your tenth meal for free – so ten sandwiches works out to $6.75 each plus tax.

  • I would have to agree with the above commenter. I just had the curried chicken meatball sandwich, and it is HUGE as well as delicious.

  • I’ve tried the curried meatball sandwhich recently and will definitely agree, the portion was huge! The meatballs were small, however plenty. They were tender and the curry sauce really enhanced the unique sweet flavor of the mix which you can thoroughly enjoy with the cilantro and the dikon like garnish (carrots and pickled radishes). The bread though – was a big big for my taste. I would have liked the curry to have more kick and the bread should be toasted just a bit more because the sauce alone can soggy up your sandwich. However, this sandwich did not become soggy, but I wouldn’t know because I ate it up so quick.
    Lunchers – be wary – it is $7.5 but you do get a huge meal out of it. I got my nifty little meal card and plan to come back to try the other items on the menu so I can get more punch holes. My friend had the more traditional sandwich. If you know a Bahn Mi very well, avoid their traditional sandwich because it really is not like the traditional. Not enough meat for the price you pay.

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    IFD: the curried chicken meatball sandwitch was pretty good. the spicy option is definitely recommanded…

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    The curried chicken meatball sandwich? Eh. Not the best Vietnamese sandwich that I’ve ever had and definitely a little heavy on the star anise. That being said, the sandwich is enormous (they should think about slicing this bad boy in half to make for easier eating), the bread is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and it’s one of the only Vietnamese sandwiches you can get if you work in Midtown East. Take what you can get and dream of Nicky’s/Baoguette afterwards.

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