Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde Shill on Midtown Lunch

I’m pretty open about commenting on the site, but can’t stand when people try to praise their own business, or talk smack about a competitor- without being honest about who they are. It’s pretty obvious when this is the case, and I try to expose these comments as best I can, in true Eater fashion. Today I got perhaps the weirdest two comments ever, both from the same IP address (i.e. same computer), within 2 minutes of each other, on a post about the famous halal guys on 53rd & 6th:

WTF?  Possible explanations are welcome in the comments…


  • I’d guess two people sitting side by side at the same firm.

  • The only explanation is that they somehow think that by stirring some kind of big debate readers will say – “boy I better see who’s right once and for all myself!” – although if it was a positive shill they would be stupid to be so harsh on the negative 2nd post – shit, I don’t know.

  • i.e. they come through the same corporate gateway and look like the same computer to you.

  • @inane – yeah, but two mins apart? At the random time of 10 a.m.?

  • It’s the Muslim DocChuck !

  • The names are anagram of each other too.

  • almost.

  • well according to the internet Aali Ladak is in the class of ’09 at Paramus High School and Kevin Lacap is another 18 year old and has questionable taste in music:

    Maybe MidtownLunch has a large following at Northern New Jersey High Schools, and these guys were hangin’ in the computer lab together?

  • I guess they have disgracefully amazing food. Perhaps he wants them off the corner and into dining room near you?

  • i just laughed out loud at my desk. thank you.

  • Well, those comments don’t contradict each other.

  • maybe teh food is so amazing its a disgrace that its not at the cafeteria at paramus highschool.

  • vendors are crafty. they obviously googled for names and intentionally drew two monikers from the same jersey school knowing that you would reverse google them and become utterly confused, and thus throw you off. it’s *so* obvious.

  • I agree with inane. Its probably just two random people from the same office that is located nearby.

  • when did you invest in an ‘edit comment’ feature?

  • Haha maybe it’s two people who eat lunch together a lot (work at the same company?) and one of them loves the stuff and the other hates it and never wants to go… so they started doing this… I dunno. My coworkers and I, at our boredest, don’t do that sort of thing. But now I’m curious if anyone in my company also visits your blog, hehe.

  • Now I just want food from the Halal Cart.

  • LOL at “halal culture”.

  • They might not be at the same computer but just behind the same router.

    For instance, if you live in an apartment with 3 computers connected to your wireless, they will all have the same external IP address (whatever your ISP provides the router).

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