Danku’s Indonesian Sloppy Joe


I thought I was probably never going to have to go back to Danku, the Dutch/Indonesian fast food place on 57th btw. 5+6th, until last week when I read about their latest creation: the Indonesian Sloppy Joe.  Oh boy.  Luckily Lunch’er Adam P. took the bullet for all of us, and sent in some photos and a report.

So I went to Danku to try out the Indonesian “Sloppy Joe”. The sandwich sells for $5, but you can get a combo with “Organic Fries” for $7.50, though I opted for the solo Joe and got 2 krokets on the side instead of fries. I was disappointed to find they dropped the Mac&Cheese krokets from the menu (no, really), so I had the Spinach&Artichoke krokets instead.

The sandwich is exactly what I expected from the description of an “Indonesian Sloppy Joe”, and unfortunately it was exactly what I expected in a sandwich from Danku.


The “Joe” filling is a marinated, sweet, and mildly spiced chopped (not ground) beef mixture that was a little too watery rather than saucy, so it dripped out into the container and pooled while eating it. If you want to try one, make sure to get some utensils from the back area (I forgot) as none are provided in the takeout bag since a good quarter of the mix will fall out like any good “Joe”. Also, the filling was served room temperature, rather than piping hot like a proper Joe. I would think the heat would have helped with the spiciness. The filling is served on a wheat “baguette” that is like a slightly larger hot dog roll and much smaller than a grinder roll (bit similar in style). Unfortunately the roll tasted like the plastic bag it was stored and shipped in, so I was quite disappointed as I couldn’t ignore this plastic taste while trying to eat the sandwich. Aside from that, the filling was tasty, but mediocre. Somehow I thought I was going to walk away thinking “wow”. (I guess I expected something like Keema Mottir on a roll).

As you’ve said to describe other sandwiches, this sandwich is not for hearty appetites (or as you’ve said, “Not for a fat man like me”). There certainly was no “wow” factor (though I’d wager that keeping the filling hot would improve that ten-fold), and for the price I’d rather go to Certe (they really know how to make a ‘midtown lunch’ sandwich), as you can finish one of their sandwiches and be satisfied. You can spend about as much on two dirty water dogs and be equally as satisfied. -Adam P.

Hmmmm. Surprisingly that may not be enough to keep me away…


  • Adam, a silent prayer has been said on behalf of your coworkers.

  • Danku totally sucks!!! I mean WTF_–so much overhype and they continue to fall flat on their face! You would think the owners/managers would be smart enough to check out sites like this and make improvements quickly, but clearly that is not the case. I have not been up there recently, but if people will pay for Danku’s slop, shame on them…

  • Sounds like a scary choice in a list of asian sex acts….

  • what’s up with the order on top saying “with organic fries” and then the following picture not containing the fries? why prevent us from seeing the fries?? whyyyyyyyyy?????

  • Well, IgnorantButHappy, because the second part of that sentence reads “though I opted for the solo Joe and got 2 krokets on the side instead of fries.”

  • Zach: “Hmmmm. Surprisingly that may not be enough to keep me away…” **W**T**F**?????? Why do you keep dumping this Danku crap on us, and why (despite the lukewarm-at-best review by Adam) do you throw a comment like this in? It’s clear by now that Danku is CRAP and should be AVOIDED BY ALL. Does a relative of yours run this place or something? I can’t figure out any other reason why you continue to feature it here on ML, and then to even suggest that it is still worth visiting. C’mon, don’t kill your credibility over a shitstorm like Danku. Please.

  • Sarah…haha…i guess i should read these things instead of just checking out the pics!

  • @stevenp – haha… nope. no relative connection. no under the table payments… it just seems like such a great concept in theory! I desperately want them to get better…

    the Indonesian meatballs with fries wasn’t terrible. i thought maybe this could fall into that category…

  • Zach, this place is terrible. It’s no one’s responsibility to prop it up in hope’s that it gets better. Likewise, we the lunching public shouldn’t be subsidizing it by purchasing shitty food while they get their sea legs. Yes, the concept is great, but the execution is god awful. The owners should tuck tail and drag their sorry restaurant back to the Netherlands.

  • They’d be better off in the midwest where such a restaurant would be considered “exotic”.

    I lived in SLC briefly (13 months) and I went in with a hacker friend of mine who dresses like your typical hacker-goth-type. He wanted to try the Olive Garden. We walked in, and we could feel the entire restaurant turn and look at us. I’m in jeans and a t-shirt and he’s all in black with long black hair and a misfits shirt on. Everyone in the restaurant is dressed in business formal attire, as if the Olive Garden were a fancy restaurant or anything but fast-food italian.

    Something tells me Danku would be a hit out there. SLC had like 1 indian restaurant, and a hundred mexican joints (all of which are better than the best mexican in NYC I might add).

  • Danku. Yet another example of why the Dutch are one of the only countries that have no national cuisine.

    Well, herring, but that doesn’t count because it is also their unit of currency.

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