Sucks to Be in Midtown Today


  • Danny rules, even though he uses twitter

  • Yes, yes it does.

  • Drunk college students everywhere arguing with their girlfriends. Sigh.

  • furthermore, I do think its interesting: all the coffee cart guys are still out in my neck of the woods (35th and 5th) to sell buttered rolls and donuts to drunk people.

  • I’m particularly fond of the drunks wheeling around their toddlers in strollers. What a great family memory! “look honey! Daddy’s gonna do a beer bong then puke!!”

  • Third avenue was farily clear of assholes.

  • Today is definitely a brown-bagging day.

  • Just a Normal Tuesday night in London :)

  • Dont people know that the irish dont just drink on st pattys… they drink EVERYday!

  • lolz. Danny made a funny. I saw a teenager try to get into a fight with a homeless woman. He’s lucky she didn’t beat his ass.

  • @Lou – I’ve no doubt most of these people get drunk every day – they just don’t do it in midtown.

  • The parade passes below my window on 5th & 56th and it’s not stop bad band drums all day long. But the abundance of ugly people decked out in ugly green is way too much this year for some reason. Maybe because so many people are unemployed and the parade is free? Maybe they feel the need to buy green hair paint & spray their entire heads because they don’t want to wait for Halloween. It’s lame and boring and there are way too many homogenous people clogging the sidewalks. I’m cranky because I ate tuna from a can for lunch because I was too annoyed to go outside. Blerg!

  • Big mistake…
    I headed over to Dishes for lunch at noon and swam against the green drunk fishes to get there. The good news is I had no trouble getting a seat.
    Big sign on the Dishes door: “Bathrooms Out of Order” lol

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