Shamrock Shake Fail

This year Serious Eats: New York did the annual “where can you find a Shamrock Shake in New York City” blog posting, only to discover what many have found in the past… you can’t.  It doesn’t exist.  But Blondie and Brownie have suggested a few decent alternatives, like the Peppermint Patty custard from the Shake Shack, and a mint chocolate cookie shake from the Ben & Jerry’s in the Rock Center concourse.


  • Blondie and Brownie, thank you so much for those alternatives they all sound ten times tastier than the original.

    But nothing will ever replace the memory of running around the Mickey D playland with my kung-fu grip GI Joe and slurping down that fake green-dyed, lecithin enhanced goo, i.e. St. Patrick’s Day 2008.

  • That’s not true! They do exist–just not in New York. I’m pretty sure the McD’s on Washington St in Hoboken (4th and washington I think) has it. At least it did last year.

  • Ignore the above—I guess I’ve had too many at lunch…

  • I don’t know what I would require more money to do: drink a shamrock shake, or set foot in hoboken on this ‘holiday’

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