Five Guys Beats Out Burger Joint in Blind Test

Cheeseburger w/ Grilled Onions & Mushrooms @ Five Guys, MidtownIf you have ever dreamed of watching a video of Josh Ozerksy eating 7 hamburgers, your prayers have been answered. The editor of The Feedbag did a blind burger taste test, and Five Guys (on 55th btw. 5+6th) beat out P.J. Clarke’s and the Burger Joint at the Parker Meridien. Veselka came in first place.  Surprisingly City Burger (on 39th just East of B’way), which Ozersky is a big fan of, wasn’t included in the taste test. [Always Hungry]


  • Not quite a “blind” test (seriouslly!) because his eyes were open. He clearly recognized some, if not most, of the burgers (like Veselka’s). Of course, so many people think ‘Mr Cutlets’ is God when it comes to burgers, so who am I to argue?

  • Having had the great misfortune of meeting and spending time with Josh, all I can say is he’s a blowhard that things too highly of himself.

  • Im suprised the self named “Mr Cutlets” can eat anything considering where his head is.

  • Ole Mr. C looks like he has about 6 weeks of excessive fat intake left before he gets his visit from The Reaper

  • Anyone who picks Five Guys over Burger Joint lacks good judgment.

  • I had 5 Guys last Friday and it was damn good.

  • Why the hating on Five Guys? Its a great Burger. Its not Shake Shack or Burger Joint IMO, but its still damn good. City Burger on the other hand…

  • Had Five Guys last week, was surprised at how good it was. In the arena with Burger Joint but not as good. The service was something else. If these people were going any slower they’d be moving backwards. Also got the impression it wasn’t too clean

  • If you truly blindfolded yourself I think you might find 5 guys burgers to be the “beefier” tasting burgers of the group. Burger joint while good is over-priced. Shake shack is also over-hyped. Some people may think having a big-name chef, or a location in a fancy hotel should make the burger better, but it doesn’t.
    I think we have to start distinguishing between “fat pub style burgers and “itty-bitty drive-in movie/ california drive up burgers”. I find the drive-in style burgers to be too small (another reason the 5 guys double patty is a good thing).
    As a side note NO burger joint comes close to 5 guys fries.

  • Veselka is No. 1? I remember Josh has rated it best at an earlier time, but can’t agree with him at all. In fact, I don’t trust his judgment. Veselka’s burger is BIG (matching his ever expanding waistline) but it’s a frozen patty and tastes like it.

    Five Guys is tasty with a great topping selection, but a cheeseburger and fries is just outside of your midtown lunch guidelines, Zach. Comes out to about $11 with tax.

  • what I find hilarious is actually putting “good burger” and “NYC” in the same sentence. Still rather un-enthused with the offerings here. (and fancy bread does not make up for a tasteless hunk of meat…as much as i love brioche and Chala).

    So, I am off to Dumont Burger, not because it is great (because it really isn’t) but because it is center to my buddies and i don’t “mind” their burgers.

  • Don’t get the hype over 5 guys. I tried it for the third time last week and each time I was pretty disappointed, I like the burgers at Petey’s in Astoria better (I live in Astoria and Petey’s delivers… how great is burger delivery!). I find 5 guys to be kind of bland meat on a boring bun that is always feels like it has been thrown together too quickly even though I waited a long time. The fries are excellent though.

  • Anastasia or Mamacita……have you ever shared 5 guys?

  • These 5?

    1. Doc Chuck
    2. Peter Lusk
    3. Steve The Whore
    4. Gay Superman
    5. the guy that dumped in Schnipper’s sloppy joe

  • I have been following Josh Ozersky’s rantings for some time, and I can tell you this. He is clearly a shill for Pat LaFrieda meats. Notice how any of his heavy hitter LaFrieda users(shake shack is one of them) were conveniently left out of his so called blind tatsing. And why? So there was no chance they would perform poorly. That is why crappy city burger was left out. They are a shrine to LaFrieda. And Mark Pastore, one of the owners of LaFrieda, happens to be Josh’s best friend. You do the math people. Can you really listen to a word this unethical blowhard has to say about burgers in this town?

  • So glad to hear of my cousins successful business. Reading about its early beginnings I want to comment that the business was not started in 1922. It was started by my father Louis La Frieda in the late 1940′s or early 50′s. I worked close by from his business and often had lunch with him at the Old Homestead Steak House and that was in 1954. Louis passed the business onto his brother Pat La Frieda when he retired and moved to Florida. These are the facts.

  • had the burger at shake shack. i taste the difference but don’t understand the hype. it’s not notably different.

    had a regular five guys today in brooklyn heights. dropped a crapload of dough (~$19) for a bacon cheeseburger, a little hamburger, large fries and a large drink (splitting the meal). Stupid me for getting the large drink because there were free refills.

    the burger was cash. pure, unadulterated, sexy poledancer’s-g-string sweat-laced cash. and the beef had a really clean taste. fries were good but when i checked the calories… 1400! for fries! good thing i was splitting it. malt vinegar as an option = love it.

    BC burger was 900+ calories. i’m not gonna count the drinks. the shame is slowly sinking into realization.

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