Twittering the New Obama Cart

Ubereater twittered this @MidtownLunch yesterday about the new Kwik Meal cart named after the President: “I bet it sounds good on the menu but probably doesn’t taste nearly as good as it seemed.” Ouch.  Alright, good burn… good burn.


  • I might be having some reading comprehension problems but I don’t understand what that means? The food doesn’t taste good? Somehow that doesn’t seem as pithy a remark as Zach is saying it is. Please explain. Also it is Friday, hungover, brain cells already into Saturday.

  • I think it’s supposed to be a commentary on how great we all thought Obama was going to be and how now that he’s in power, it doesn’t seem that great.

    I don’t agree with that statement. BUT i think that was the point of the Twitter. It was clever, if poorly worded… :)

  • Makes me want to start a sing-along karaoke version of ‘Ubereater uber alles’

  • wow, Wayne a former punk. I never would have guessed.

    Also thanks for ‘splaining Becca. I am ‘meh’ about the ‘burn’.

    my trajectory nerd -> punk -> dirty Obama loving hippie

  • Wayne?? A Dead Kennedy’s fan?
    Wow, you know I played that 100 times, on my record player, when arnold schwarzenegger became the governator. crazy….

  • Ladies, the things you don’t know…

    M, with all the bar visits I figured your turntable would always be ready with the 45 rpm of “Too Drunk To….”

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