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If you are going to be in Austin, TX on Tuesday (you never know, right?) stop by and say hi… I’m going to be on a Food Blogging Panel at South By Southwest along with Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake, Cathy from Not Eating out in New York, Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen, and Addie from Relish Austin. (“Food Blogging Panel” is code for “Excuse To Go To Austin”.) Oh, and if you’ve got any lunch suggestions for Downtown Austin- I’m all ears.


  • Not meeting Texas Burger Guy?

  • I’m jealous. Go to Hut’s on W. 6th for burgers or chicken fried steak. Delicious pics at Also be sure to eat tacos often. Taco Shack on Guadalupe a little bit north of campus (about 29th St.) is good. For bbq, Iron Works is solid and, unlike many of the other famous local places, right downtown, walking distance from most of the downtown hotels. It’s on Red River around 1st St.

  • I heard about that at the Rachel event! Too bad I missed ya. I was just in San Antonio. Have fun and visit the mexican market! I posted pics of my lovely taquitos on my blog!
    have fun zach and bring shorts…its hot!

  • I’ll be there!

  • Angie’s in Austin easily has the best tacos in America… no joke. “Puffy, flash fried shells that are almost pastry like”… filled with amazing stuff. And best yet, it’s in an old house. Fantastic stuff.

  • I just got back from a wedding in Austin. It was nice to go back after a few years away. None of these places are downtown, but none are too far of a drive if you have access to a car:

    Torchy’s Tacos is putting out some of the best tacos and breakfast tacos these days. As a bonus, they have deep fried chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Polvo’s for a good plate of enchiladas or fajitas, although it seems to have gotten popular so it’s a bit more crowded than it used to be. Freebirds has good and cheap burritos. Just remember that the California-Mex that you like is a little bit different style than Tex-Mex, so don’t get your hopes up that it will be exactly what you want (I learned this in the reverse when I went to LA).

    It’s up for debate, but Hoover’s in east austin (Manor Rd.) still has the best chicken fried steak and southern food in Austin in my opinion.

    If you have time to take a drive out of town, you’d probably appreciate going to one of the big bbq joints in Luling (City Market) or Lockhart (Smitty’s, Black’s, Kreutz). Or take a cooler of beer and and hit up the Salt Lick for dinner (all you can eat family style bbq…bring the sweat pants with the elastic waist).

  • Only go to a taco or fajita place that has a condiments bar. The old Taco Cabana did that and did it great but it has been a while. Lots of them in Austin

  • Sorry if this is late, but Juan and a Million is pretty much the only good rec on here so far. The Lockhart and Hoover suggestions are good, but the post is undone by mentioning the mediocrity which is Polvo’s and the insanity of recommending the Salt Lick, a BBQ place without very good meat. You should make it a life goal to eat at Snow’s BBQ, if it has maintained it’s quality. Here’s a post I did some time ago, filled with food coma typos:

    I moved away from Austin last Fall, but if it’s still open, the omission of Asia Cafe from these comments is criminal. It has Sichuan food better than Spicy and Tasty or Szechuan Gourmet. It’s basically the best Sichuan food I’ve had outside of China, and is appropriately in the back of a grocery store in an inconvenient strip mall. It numbs my mouth in the way I masochistically crave, and it’s mindnumbing that it’s not mentioned here.

  • Stevie, 3 words.


  • 1) Best Wurst – it’s been a few years, but there’a sausage cart that is incredible. They’re on 6th st. late night (hard to miss with the long lines), but they are on Congress St. for lunch. I forget the exact cross st, but it’s about 10 blocks south of the capital. It’s exactly what you’re looking for.

    2) Smitty’s Market. It’s not what you asked for, since it’s 30 mins south of Austin in Lockhart, but you have to go. You’ll be doing yourself a major injustice if you don’t. It’s one of the two places that Hill Country has modeled itself on (Kruez’s is the other, but I personally prefer Smitty’s). Plus…after you gorge yourself on meat (no obligation to buy silly things like “side dishes”) you can get a massive scoop of Blue Bell ice cream for $1!! (at least that was the price a few years ago).

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