Danku is Serving an Indoesian Sloppy Joe?

The AMNY Blog posted a mini guide to new European chains in Midtown, and I noticed this little nugget about Danku, the disappointing Dutch/Indonesian fast food place on 57th btw. 5+6th: “Additions to the New York menu include an Indonesian sloppy joe, mac’n'cheese krokets, and fat-free frozen yogurt.” Indonesian sloppy joe!?! That’s new since my “official review”. *Sigh* Am I going to have to go back to Danku again?


  • Blarney Stone has the best sloppy joe hero especially if you get some cheese on it and a side of rings. tasty

  • Please don’t. I’m hoping this place is shuttered and turned into something useful by mid-summer.

  • Indonesian Sloppy Joe

    Sight unseen this wins the award for
    “Lunch Most Likely To Look Like A Wicked Dump”

  • Wayne, don’t all sloppy joes kind of look… well, like that?
    I’m curious about the spices… I’m envisioning ground beef (coconut) curry which sounds delicious. If they have their curry seasonings right.

  • Had one today. Aside from it being served luke warm instead of hot, it wasn’t bad. Actually a decent portion of beef for $5.

    The basmati rice is a HUGE ripoff and the Tomato/Mozzarella Kroket with Basil dip tasted nice, but it fell apart too easily and turned to mush when I bit into it.

    Right now, the mac and cheese kroket is on hiatus, as they are trying to “perfect the recipe.”

  • They need to perfect their planes tickets back to the Netherlands.

  • Need I remind you again that this is *Dutch* food? That’s the long and short of why it’s bad.

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