Ultraclay Unearths Random Vietnamese Food

Photo courtesy of Ultraclay

I took a little bit of heat for saying there was no good Vietnamese food in Manhattan (banh mi excluded, obviously), but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep trying to prove myself wrong. Next stop: Golden City (on 33rd btw. Mad+5th) which has a $6.50 pork chop special that Ultraclay calls the “star of the show”. I’m sure this isn’t the Vietnamese goldmine I’ve been searching for (after all it’s a Chinese/Vietnamese combo in Koreatown), but those pork chops are delicious looking enough to get me to check it out! Anybody else been? Post your comments below.


  • I did take-out from the place once and it was probably the worst Vietnamese food I’ve ever had. I ordered pho and lemongrass chicken. The pho was bland and terrible. Pho 32 was wonderful in comparison (and I think Pho 32 isn’t that great). And the lemongrass chicken wasn’t any better as well. The sauce tasted vaguely of tomato ketchup and was quite cloying. I’ve given up on good Vietnamese in Midtown. The best place for Vietnamese in Manhattan is Chinatown. But if you count the five boroughs, it would be in Sunset Park.

  • Reminds me, im taking the kids to see Marely & me this weekend.

  • Where was Vietnamese food during the war? Noone in the rear with the gear had Pho..

  • intrigued by seeing an add where they advertised a “buffet” I went during lunch to investigate and saw it was gross, tired food sitting a steam table, very similar to the chinese place across from madison square garden on 7th ave: nowhere near good, and I promptly walked out; place was weak.

    re: vietnamese in the 5 boroughs, get thee uptown to World of Taste (which now has a new name); it’s on the 4 train to kingsbridge road, located under the train track about a block down on Jerome Ave.; most of the items kill the chinatown offerings (except their banh mi ain’t that great); nice little sietsema writeup a few months ago if you look it up.

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    i tried this and i have to say, i was impressed by the bun noodles. the fish sauce was on, they give you a lot of meat. it tasted really good. it’s a bit pricey tho. i’m going back today. i wanted to get pho (nothing like hot soup on a super hot day) but from these comments, sounds like that might be a bad idea.

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