Applebees has a “Midtown Lunch Lounge”?

Our Midtown Happy Hour correspondent Mamacita has the week off, but I couldn’t help but post this happy hour suggestion we got last week:

“Ok, so this is wierd. Applebees in Times Square has a bar on the ground floor. Way over on the side is a room with couches, those little tables, a flat panel TV or two and a big plate glass window onto the street. Kinda like a downtown lounge, only it’s in Applebees. And it seems full of midwestern looking tourists.
I was thinking: I wonder if it’s cool to hang out here? A lounge, in Applebees? Then I was thinking: It’s a little like midtown lunch lounge. Serviceable, convenient, and it might even be quite enjoyable if you catch it at the right time. The only downside is that the turnover may be small and it might get boring after two or three hours. And Times Square is slowing down a bit these days, so there might be less turnover than you might like in a bar this small. I have no idea of it’s a good candidate for a review. But I’m just throwing it out there.”
Uh… ok… ?


  • it seems full of midwestern looking tourists. I was thinking: I wonder if it’s cool to hang out here?

    That’s a rhetorical question, right?

    (No offense to midwestern tourists, as I once was one myself years and years ago.)

    It’s Applebee’s. ‘Nuff said.

  • What said times are these that M takes a week off and no one steps up to review a bar and we have to read about Applebees

    I blame Obama’s stimulus plan

  • No Mama revue?…why wasn’t i told?

    Im off to kick the shit outa gay superman.

  • No.

  • Sounds like we have a location for the first annual Midtown Lunch ugly sweater party..

  • “And it seems full of midwestern looking tourists.
    I was thinking: I wonder if it’s cool to hang out here?”

    You sure you’re not talking about Williamsburg?

  • That’s the bar where Peter Lusk hangs out to pick up all crazy kinds of Midwestern tail.

  • In a trailer park somewhere south of here, DocCockChug is laughing

  • Pardon my ignorance, but if it has (full service) alcohol, it’s a bar, right? They make drinks and serve them? If there were no tourists in there, the description would just read like, well, a bar/lounge suggestion. I don’t get why all y’all gotta hate like that.
    I think chain restaurant bars tend to have ridiculously cheap happy hours, too. Not sure about the one in Times Square but I know for sure the ones in LI (about 10 years ago…) had 2for1 drink specials. You could have 2 mudslides for $7-8! (Ok, I don’t think I could ever actually consume 2 mudslides in succession. And I know I just said mudslide, but 10 years ago, I was more than a few years till 21.)

  • Who the hell is Peter Lusk?

  • I can’t believe how many meme’s this website has.

  • Sorry for going AWOL guys, but I’m dealing with a loss right now and need some time.

  • ha ha, I was thinking the same thing. There’s like a meme for every member.

  • It’s not really a meme so much as an inside joke only one person finds funny at a time.

  • Sometimes Mamacita scares me. But she’s so awesome it makes it okay. Thinking good thoughts for you, bunny. :)

  • Inside jokes among repeat visitors ruin blog comment threads.

  • Meme?…get a bloody life.

    Mamacita, at last nights Indian i put my chips to one side for you, in memorium :)

  • Bummer.

    Sorry for loss Mama – and for community/Bob…

  • I hear you, Yvo. A friend of mine is getting his PhD in San Diego, and despite not being the type, he and his drunk friends swear by the TGI Friday’s happy hour as one of the best places to hang out in that cultural wasteland. At first I laughed, but they get hooked up with a TON of free booze there, and I have to say there’s some value in getting toilet-hugging drunk at a family restaurant.

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