Breakfast Redux

So let’s try this one more time… yesterday, I asked for breakfast recommendations- but didn’t turn the comments on until the afternoon (what can I say?  I am an idiot.)  One person recommended dishes, and another pointed out the $1 oatmeal special Jamba Juice is doing for the month of March, but I’m sure there are better options than that. Anybody got anything?


  • There is this food truck up the block from me in Brooklyn… but this doesn’t help.

  • I know I sound like a total shill for AQ Cafe in Columbus Circle, (who have peeked my ire by getting rid of their amazing beef goulash, damn them!),
    but they have really great pastries for breakfast. Light, yummy, a bit expensive but worth the splurge now and then. Lingonberry cheese danish is a special favorite. And Bouchon Bakery is always great for a sweets-laden breakfast.


    I loved it. Who can resist hot, steel-cut oatmeal without having to cook it all day long?

    Until a few weeks ago, when about midway through my Jamba oatmeal I saw something that was distinctly *not* an oat or any other piece of vegetable matter. A brief probe with a pencil revealed it to be very rodent-dropping-esque in color and consistency.

    Perhaps this is a local Jamba cleanliness issue, so at the very least, avoid the oatmeal (and everything else) at the Jamba Juice on Lex between 52nd and 53rd.

  • first time, long time…there is a truck on the ne corner of 52nd and park, with great egg sandwiches starting at $2 — my go-to is egg whites with turkey ham and hot sauce on a spinach wrap ($3.25)…definitely a quality breakfast spot

  • I’ve seen little cinnamon rolls at Wichcraft but have not tried them yet. Would be delicious warm with a little butter pat.

  • since we’re talking about breakfast, I’m looking for a good bagel to occasionally sop up remnants of booze in the 30s near 5th Ave. Help me MLers, you’re my only hope.

  • Last night I ate a spinach, oyster, uni, caviar & chocolate omlette. This morning (after satisfying Anastasia beyond human comprehension) I grabbed an orange off her counter on the way out.

    No walk of shame for this bad boy today. Boo-yah!

  • I wish I could be in the same room when that happens. *sigh*

  • I’ll fold it in half next time so we can be closer, honey.

    I like these immediate responses. You’ve surrendered all resistance and become a Midtown Lunch obsessive like the rest of us!

  • A Tracy – the ‘whichcraft cinnamon rolls are excellent when still warm, very good when served at room temp. I recommend them.

  • I have been into a whole wheat wrap, egg whites, onions and Turkey Bacon from Toasties East. (3rd ave and 55-56th). $4.50. They have a ton of under $5.00 egg sandwiches, all gigantic. Double what PAX does. This guy in my office swears by this super cheap breakfast buffet in the CitiGroup Plaza Atrium thingee on 53 and lex, but I have yet to go

  • I’m stuck with Oxford Cafe’s sausage, egg and cheese. But it’s pretty damn good.

    No, you cannot stalk me based on Oxford’s location, wayne.

  • ‘Oxford Sausage’ reminds me of univeristy.

  • I’m a new fan of the Curry Pan at Cafe Zaiya in the morning. Also good is the breakfast specials at Isadora’s on 52nd – I got a sausage, egg & cheese on an english muffin for 1.99 yesterday. I’m not overly discerning about my personal hangover special, but they do a decent job.

  • I tend to swing by The Homefront Deli from time-to-time for breakfast sandwiches. Cheap. and I kind of like their slightly doughy everything bagels with egg, bacon, swiss and hot sauce…

  • On the corner of 5th and 33rd is a take-out hot dog place that has two eggs with toast and home fries for 99cents, all year long. The home fries are sliced potatoes with some spices (they basially suck) and the toast is white or wheat, lightly toasted. I personally go for a sandwich – two eggs lightly scrambled on toasted whole wheat with a little butter for 99cents, I skip the potatoes.
    Can’t beat the price ratio.
    If you are hungry, go for the platter. I see bike messengers lining up there every day.
    Regarding the mediocrity of the breakfast platter, they do have hot sauce and ketchup, so you can always sauce it up.

  • It’s probably the worst thing to eat for breakfast, but the Dean and Deluca cafe with the entrance on 48th street has the most incredible giant apple fritter for $3. The thing weighs a pound, is the size of thick frisbee and has a 50:50 ratio of fat to sugar, but that sucker is GOOD> My poor fiance is going to wind up married to a porker because I have no shame or will power with those god damn fritters.

    I’m hoping you all go buy them before I can. Save me from myself.

  • @ Dahkter, now *that* is a breakfast tip! A place to get breakfast for a dollar and cruise bike messengers at the same time!

  • @Sarah,
    You’re right, can’t beat that 99cent special, it will make you full and it costs next to nothing.
    I thought of keeping it quiet, however ML has been good to me…

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