Grand Sichuan International Needs to Amp Up the Spice

My one visit to Grand Sichuan International (on Lexington btw. 33+34th) was just for a bubble tea, and it was a complete failure. Danny from Food in Mouth actually ordered one of their lunch specials, and found it to be lacking in the heat department (despite being called gui zhou spicy chicken). “Like with any other restaurant experience, it’s all about tempering your expectations. If I had walked into a tiny hole-in-the-wall Chinese joint serving Americanized version of Chinese food, and this was the product? I would be absolutely delighted. But Grand Sichuan bills itself as a serious Sichuan restaurant and the heat was just ok. I’ve had the spicy hot pot at that exact same store and it was no joke. Their hot pot is serious business. As far as lunch specials though, go in expecting the same thing you get anywhere else.” You’ve been warned. [Food in Mouth]


  • Yeah I agree. I’ve been there a couple of times a few years back and the food was great. I went there a few months ago and they seriously messed up my dish. I ordered double cook pork. I think hot oil was stale or something because it was not spicy at all. The dish tasted like bacon on extra oil. Pretty gross.

  • I misread the post. I thought you guys were talking about szechuan gourmet on 3. The times I’ve been to grand sichuan I liked my experience. Then again that was a couple of years ago as well.

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