Certe Intros New Sandwich for March; Thanksgiving Dip Becomes Weekly Special

I noticed a few commenters mistakenly thought the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge was just for the month of February… but no. It continues on! As long as places are willing to make the crazy sandwiches, I’ll continue posting about them. And Certe (on 55th btw. 5+6th) sends word of a new sandwich for the month of March making its debut today: “The Bayou”¬†feat. blackened catfish, corn salad, bib lettuce, and jambalaya aioli, on a soft Portuguese roll. Nice. I said it when they introduced the “Thanksgiving Dip” last month, and I’ll say it again: these guys just get it. I can’t wait to try the new sandwich. (And early adopters, feel free to comment below.)

And speaking of the “Thanksgiving Dip“, it was so popular they’ve decided to make it one of their weekly specials- available on Thursdays.


  • Is ‘jumbalaya’ a very big jambalaya? Sweet!

  • I thought I was done following you around the city! :) It continues. Thankfully this place is convenient for me.

  • Certe is awesome, I’ll say it again, they do catering so let your departments know!!
    Also, I met one of the chefs last year at a health fair, she was so incredibly nice and made a 5 grain salad (shocker!!!) that I adored.

  • It’s Jambalaya! I know people pronounce it “JUMbalaya”, but that isn’t even the correct pronunciation. Both in spelling and in speech – JAM. I hope that spelling didn’t come from Certe…

    Also – how are they offering this on a Portugese roll instead of on Louisiana style French Bread? This sandwhich has “Po’ Boy” written all over it if they served it on the right bread…

    I like the concept, generally, though.

  • @Steve – yeah, i just copied the description from their email. I’ll fix it…

  • Mamacita,Health fair…and salad………..words i hoped i’d never read.

  • No, no, no–I like ‘jumbalaya’ better! It sounds more… satisfying.

  • Haaaa! Sorry Rudy. If it makes you feel better, with this blizzard hitting NY, I’m not leaving the house. I have BACON and I’ll be making eggs & Bacon and later BLTs. :-D

  • Just got back from huffing 20 blocks in the slush to try this thing. The fish was good and the blackened seasoning was tasty but it was only perceptible every 5 bites or so. Steve L was right, the bread was too soft for the rest of the ingredients. Only the corn provided any textural variety (when it would stay in the sandwich). I think the most disappointing part was that the jambalaya aioli was nowhere to be found. The sandwich was a good size (reminded me of Kim’s Aunt’s fish, ‘all this is ONE sandwich??’) and cost 8.95. But for such flavorful sounding ingredients, it was really rather plain. Depending on your expectations, I’d say it would range from “satisfying” to “slightly disappointing”.

  • Ha, pretty sure I meant ‘hoofing’, not ‘huffing’. Although if I were huffing, it may have explained the lack of flavor in the samich.

  • just had it too… I did like the fact the bread was soft. I still felt the fish. I just added some hot sauce and found it great!!!!!!

  • Indeed that’s exactly what it needed, too bad I didn’t have any.

  • Had the sandwich today. It was just ok, definitely not as good as the Thanksgiving Dip. It cost $9.70 w/tax so I was expecting alot, but it was cold (make sure they make it very hot!) and just a little above average. I agree that French bread would have been better and it could have used more aioli.

  • thanks for your comments. we spiced up the aioli. we added crispy leeks. we are toasting the bread with garlic and paprika and we are heating up the catfish. much more layers of flavor. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US MAKE THIS SANDWHICH BETTER…………chef edward@certe

  • I find it pretty unprecedented that midtown lunchers are giving their advise and change that we can see is actually happening. YES WE CAN!! What a magical year!

  • The Bayou is great post-tweaking, even better with the extra sauce-on-the side they provide. The hot sauce amps this thing up to total deliciousness.

  • tried it today for the first time…

    i completely forgot to check for and ask for extra sauce… so i was upset by that when i got back to the office…

    not bad, the hints of seasoning and garlic come out well… but i feel like it’s missing something… maybe a touch more acid or something… i loved that the bread didn’t get soggy at all…

    probably wont get it again, but will definitely return on some Thursday for the thanksgiving special…

  • I am going to try this next week

  • Thursday is a fat day, isn’t it? Everywhere seems to offer a particularly fattening special on Thursdays.

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