Serious Eats Invades the Lunch Box Buffet

The Serious Eats: New York crew attacked the $5 for 5 items lunch special at the Lunch Box Buffet (on 34th btw. 7+8th), awarding the Midtown branch of the cheap Chinese steam table chain a “B”. Ed Levine got two plates (10 items) and decided that three items were worth “at least double or triple the dollar they cost.”  Barbecued spareribs, chicken with oyster sauce, and the curried fried chicken drumsticks.

Fay Da Bakery Elevates the Lunch Box Buffet


  • On the subject of Asian food… What’s a good place to get bibimbop? I’ve been trying the one at Delmonico Deli near Grand Central, and it’s great, but something tells me I can find something more authentic… and better.

  • man, this has been my goto place for a while. Even all the bakery ladies know me already.

  • yeah now they even got the MonaVie going on there… what will they come up with next? a night club after 12? or maybe a nuddie bar? (ooops should I have not gone there?)

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