Midtown’s Only Popeye’s Gets Shut Down On Fat Tuesday

Terrible news from Midtown’s only branch of Popeye’s (on 40th btw. 7+8th): “The location… was shut down due to a tax/rent levy issue. The notice on the door had yesterday’s date. First MG in many years without Popeye’s red beans & rice.” That is very upsetting. Nobody answered a call to the location… we’ll keep an eye out, and let you know as soon as it reopens. (Thanks to nolafunknyc for the tip, they are always appreciated.)


  • Ridiculous, just noticed Pow Wok on 7th ave is shuttered as well.

  • Another restaurant got smart enough to bail out of the sinking New Yawk City — LOL!

    Guess we will have to learn how to heat up a can of Campbell’s soup all by our selves.

  • Full disclosure, ala Ben : JerzeeTomato is one of DocChuck’s many pseudonyms

  • We tried to be festive by going here yesterday and were sorely disappointed. Does the fact that it was shut down by a levy make it even more authentically New Orleans?

  • FRED — thank you very much for your input (BULLSHIT), but I am NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN connected in any way whatsoever with ‘DocChuck’.

    So go back to your trailer park in HOTlanta and leave me alone, and quit posting on this website as “FRED” when you admit on your MySpace blog that ‘Fred’ is you boyfriend BigBear, chiff0nade (aka, ‘Wilma’)!

    I told you a long time ago, Louise, that I do NOT want to be associated with you anymore. So just leave me the fu** alone, Louise.

    Jerzee Tomato

  • wow I highly recommend ML commentors clicking JT’s link. It’s a delightful rant that includes such phrases as “AND my kids are autistic — so F***ING what? — I get monthly SSI benefits from you taxpayer assholes which I spend on PAVLOV vodka, while I post really neat stuff on the Feedbag website, using my favorite handle “anon.”

    You f***ing retards do NOT have a clue how to milk the system like me and my illigetimeat kids know how to do.”

  • Well said sarah…although i have a feeling it’s all just part of the Chucky bollocks.

  • “JerzeeTomato” is the *real* Docchuck, as in Charles R. Treuter, of Columbia, Maryland, formerly of Mountain Home, Arkansas.

    Should that excite you.

  • ‘Sarah’, ‘Rudy’, and ‘Fred’ are all pseudonyms for Louise Brescia, sometimes using the last name of her live-in BoyFriend David Wyers (aka as ‘BigBear’ who was chased out of Clearwater, Florida, by the police and who now live in a trailer park in Atlanta, Georgia).

    Moderators of ‘Midtown Lunch’, you REALLY need to clear your wonderful website of these parasites, because if you allow them to run amuck, they will DESTROY you just like they DESTROYED ‘Beef Aficionado’, ‘Hamburger America’, ‘Feedbag’, and MANY other websites.

  • I HATE you, you smug raccoon! If you want to know about me, the most famous Italian immigrant of the food blogs, you can check out my original website, CassandraCrossing.

    Otherwise, you can kiss my Italian ass, but then you will have to stand in line, just like my former FOUR ex-husbands — LOL

  • OK Zach, here it is in all its mind numbing and perverse glory…the full DocChuck onslaught. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a site where it was this bad. Clearly he’s off his meds. Maybe now you’ll honor your statement about things being on topic only, because it will only get worse from here.

  • Folks, the *real* Doc has just made his rather grand entrance, in the form of jerzee, dr e and louise.

    Hold on to your hats.

    You can thank “ben” for this, by the way. He more or less invited him here.

  • OOOooohhh, Baby, how the roaches crawl in the Bistsros of the city when the lights are turned on.

    Her in HOTlanta, we do NOT have roaches!

    Thank Jesus, Joseph, Mary , and Mother Aida!

  • What a disappointment. I still miss the Popeye’s on the corner where the M&M shop is now. That place was awesome. The food was good and they were quick. They were also much more reasonably priced than the KFC across the street. The Popeyes across from Penn Station also closed. :( I loved going there when I had a long wait for the train. Hopefully this one survives.

  • wow. just. wow. Oscar worthy.

  • Exactly right, Ben. The comment section of every other entry or so will likely become a verbal battleground for DocChucks’ psychopathic alternate pseudonyms, as it has played out on many, many other food-related websites until he has been banned or ipblocked.

  • Yes siree, Bob, I’ve found a fantastic blog site which exposes DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter for who and what he is; i.e., a sicko sociopath, psychopath, and pathological liar. Wow! Talk about someone in need of long term therapy and strong drugs to accompany it.

    He’d be a hoot if he weren’t so vile and twisted and potentially dangerous…hence, the need for him to be exposed. Never served his country a day in his life, all of his profile claims are embellished lies, etc.:


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