Traitor Radio

A Passion for Food blogger (and ML correspondent) Kathy YL Chan appeared on WNYC radio today, and the clip has just been posted to their site. It’s kind of shameful to have a Midtown Lunch’er go on the radio to talk about bringing bagged lunches to work, but we love Kathy and appreciated the ML shoutout. Now, to find this magical “spam musubi” she talked about. I wonder if Hawaiian Island Grill has it… or maybe we could get Cafe Zaiya or Oms/b on the case! [WYNC]


  • L&L Hawaiian Barbecue downtown at 64 Fulton St. offers Spam musubi, but I’ve never tried it. (I’ve only had it once, at Shaka’s in Monterey Park.) There used to be a L&L in the west 30′s or somewhere around there, but I believe it closed.

  • Anyone know if five guys reopened today?

  • make your own musubi!

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