Sign of the Times? El Tequilazo Has Under $10 Lunch Special


El Tequilazo (on 46th btw. 5+6th) has always been a bit too expensive, and… “bright”… for my tastes (well, the sign anyway) but I passed by yesterday and noticed their sandwich board is advertising lunch specials that are well within the Midtown Lunch price range.  I’m pretty sure they never had anything for this cheap before, so I’m guessing this is some sort of recession special?  Anybody tried this Colombian/Mexican place before?  I’m a little wary, but kind of curious if it’s worth it at the cheaper price.

El Tequilazo, 43 W 46th Street (btw. 5+6th),  212-768-0770


  • my camera on my phone is gash, but I will try it today for the sake of science.

  • Ok,Where is Mamacita…..and her pub review?

  • Given the quality of the joints being visited, Mama may have gotten shanked in a barfight whilst researching this week’s entry

    Let’s hope the pic shows that poor Anastasia escaped

    (but lost most of her clothes in the struggle)

  • I think you may be wary, rather than weary.

  • @rax – I most certainly did mean wary. thx!

  • I went here once for a coworker’s birthday lunch. I have absolutely no memory of the food, which probably means it was neither bad nor amazing.

    I remember the margaritas, though, and they were pretty tasty. (Admittedly, this also might have to do with my lack of food memories from the place…)

  • I walk past it to/from ipanema all the time (but during dinner hours not lunch). With the brasilian joints on that block I’ve never been motivated enough to try this. The only time I’ve lunched on this block was Moishe’s and Kosher Deluxe (and the long gone indian buffet).

    This place is pretty scary at night. It seems to turn into a latino meat market. (by scary I mean I’m wary of food joints that aspire to be night clubs).

    I’ve recently turned two friends on to El Rey Del Sabor. I’m not sure why I’d try this place over Sabor (well maybe once now that it’s cheap for lunch).

  • damn Wayne. Is that how it’s going to be now? I end up being the shanked at the bar???

  • by that cute chick who’s height you made fun of…

  • Mama! You’re alive! I figured you went to Port 41 and were a goner

    Zach, Where’s the damn bar review? It’s 3:10 fer chrissakes

  • Ha! Dubbin! It’s true. My knees are all scratched up ;-p

  • Was that from throwing her in the dwarf bowling tournament?

  • I ate there once for dinner with co-workers. It was pretty blah Mexican food. Nothing worth remembering.

  • ditto here: serviceable food – not bad but not spectacular. After hours you can pay a waitress to grab your friends by the head & pour a shots of tequila down their throats. That counts for something anyways.

  • please, it’s colombian, not columbian.

    but has anyone ever had the colombian dishes versus the mexican ones? any good?

  • @nikki – you mean they don’t serve food from the University in Morningside Heights?

    (sorry! fixed it…)

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