Naples 45 Introduces a Polpetini to the Sandwich Challenge

Posted in the comments, and confirmed by the restaurant: Naples 45 (on 45th btw. Mad+Park) is now serving a “Polpetini: Neapolitan meatballs, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese and basil.  The price at the take out counter is $8.95, and on the sit down menu it’s $9.95.” Hmmm.  $9 for what sounds like a standard meatball sub? This better be a damn good sandwich, or we may have our first Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge loser. Early adopters, please report back.


  • If they discount it ($5-6) after 2pm, I’m totally there.

  • Weak job, adding provolone cheese to a meatball sub? They best be thinking of subbing pizza slices for the bread. I’d even take garlic bread. Until such time, I will not be an early adapter

  • seems like people are hopping on the midtown lunch bandwagon but not embracing spirit and thought behind it.

  • i just had the polpetini for lunch. yes, a little expensive, but i thought it was very tasty. and it definitely filled me up. i’m pretty sure the roll was made of their pizza dough. the sauce was on the sweet side, but the cheese gave it a delicious tang. and the meatballs were quite good too.

    i ordered the sandwich for delivery via seamlessweb. it doesn’t appear on the naples 45 seamlessweb menu, but i called naples 45 and they told me to order one of the other sandwiches and write “please substitute polpetini” in the comment box.

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