Ruth Reichl Twitters Her Hing Won Lunch; Bittman Responds

Eater posted yesterday about how many food personalities seem to be twittering these days, and what’s even more amazing is how many of those personalities are twittering about eating lunch in Midtown! Yesterday Ruth Reichl the editor of Gourmet Magazine twittered that she was going downstairs for some street meat. She skipped the street meat, and ended up at a Midtown Lunch’ing favorite:


Sounds like somebody had a little lunch at Hing Won! Her twitter actually sparked a little back and forth between her and Mark Bittman from the New York Times.

@ruthreichl In Times Sq? Let me know if you find anything good. 2:33 PM yesterday from TweetDeck in reply to ruthreichl

@bittman like the biryani cart. like halal chicken curry cart on 43 St. like the felafel guy. My favorite is probably Minar. about 23 hours ago from web in reply to bittman

@ruthreichl Funny how your “nabe” is different from mine – like Minar, which I like is somehow too far about 12 hours ago from web in reply to ruthreichl

@bittman so where do you go? And is the Times cafeteria as awful as it was in the old building? My memories: gluey gravy, flaccid bacon. about 7 hours ago from web in reply to bittman

@ruthreichl It’s RA but still much better. they make an effort. there are times it’s decent. actually much like yours but occasional garlic about 6 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to ruthreichl

@ruthreichl Oh and where do I go? A Bosnian place; Szechwan Gourmet on 39th; home; sometimes i brown bag about 5 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to ruthreichl

Which in turn led to this question:

bittman question

I love that Bittman is not into Curry Dream (agreed!) and clearly he already knows about Szechuan Gourmet (see above twitter), so I think my suggestion would have to be Khodiar Lunch Services, on 6th Ave. btw. 39+39th. Best chaat and Gujarati thali in New York City!

Got any other suggestion post them in the comments? And for those of you who just can’t get enough of the Twitter, tweet your lunch suggestions and questions to the Midtown Lunch twitter account. (Note: Anything you twitter @midtownlunch will get retweeted to everybody following ML.)


  • I do think that all the important issues to discuss in a relaxed atmosphere such as a restaurant for a delicious lunch or in a cafe for a cup of coffee!

  • I just spotted Bittman eating at Minar!

  • I can’t believe he didn’t take my Khodiar Lunch Services suggestion! :-)

  • Tweeting @(username) retweets to other people? I’m so glad I read this post bc that really terrifies me and assures me I will probably not sign up for Twitter O_O thanks Zach for the PSA!!!

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