At Work Today? Catch Up on Your Sandwiches

If you have to work today, I’m sorry.  That really sucks… what sucks even more is a lot of your favorite lunch places may be closed, so call ahead before heading out.  On the positive side, the places that are open should be pretty empty- and maybe your boss is out… so it’s a good day to catch up on one of the sandwiches from the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge.  FreeFoods NYC is closed, as is the Jamaican Dutchy, and Sophie’s Cuban isn’t answering their phones at either location.  But Certe (on 55th btw. 5+6th) is open (thanksgiving dip!), and so is Lazzara’s (on 38th btw. 7+8th).  Plus we’re hearing rumors that sandwiches have been added at Naples 45 and Cucina & Co (both on 45th btw. Park + Madison), and both are open today.  Good luck!  (And if you do go out to lunch today, report back on any other openings or closings in the comments for those who are stuck working.)


  • At Lunch Now: Kwik meal is missing, but biryani cart is on 46th. Park Italian is closed, but little Italy pizza is open. Goodburger on 45 tv is closed, but Sukhadia and Ambrosia are both open

  • Just looking at the picture makes me kind of queasy. That thanksgiving sandwich is definitely not a dainty tea sandwich!

  • naples 45 definitely has a midtown lunch sandwich…they even printed it on their menu. some sort of meatball, ham, cheese combo. i didn’t try it, but it’s $9.95- significantly cheaper than their other sandwiches.

  • Fashion District: Pick-A-Pita is where I had lunch today. Most shops are open; most salad bar/ steam-tables are only semi-operational

  • meatball, *ham*, and cheese? Are these people really into the spirit of the midtown lunch sandwhich? Sounds like some people are just making kitchen sink sandwiches to get in on the publicity. That would backfire. I don’t think I’m lured by meatball ham and cheese. At least the Alambre/ThanksgivingDip/DuckPastrami had some thought put into it.

  • ok, i was subsequently corrected by my lunching partner. i think i was confusing the sandwich with max’s (east village) meatloaf. there is no ham. i repeat, NO HAM. it was actually meatball, provolone and mozzarella. hopefully that’s more enticing!

  • @liz – Actually, that is less enticing! I was thinking… ham *and* meatballs. These guys are craaaaazy!

  • Someone needs to bring some feaking bacon on to this goddamn sandwich challenge! Bacon people!!!!

  • i agree mamacita. this is ridiculous. where’s the effen bacon? someone needs to get hog wild with this challenge.

  • Meatballs, provolone and mozzeralla? Boring. Adding a slice of provolone cheese to a meatball parm does not make a midtown lunch sandwich challenge.

    Tell Naples 45 to use two slices of pepperoni (or better yet their quattro formaggi) pizza as the bread and maybe i’ll be game.

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