Fried Calamari Sandwich Returns to Midtown

When Tuscan Square closed a year ago, it took with it their super awesome fried calalmari sandwich. But thankfully it looks like Lazzara’s is filling the void with their own version for the ML Sandwich Challenge. From the owner: “My sandwich is a fried calamari and fresh mozzarella and tomatoes sauce with or with out hot red pepper. On a semolina hero.” Available starting Monday (2/16) only at the 38th St. location (btw. 7+8th). Oh boy.


  • Oh man. That used to be my favorite way to deal with leftovers from christmas eve. Calamari and shrimp parmigiana. Mmmm.

  • any pricing info?

    Lazzara’s isn’t super cheap and calamari doesn’t sound like it’ll be cheap either. Will this be another $9.99 sandwich?

  • i love squid…the the thought of is on a sarnie…

  • and with cheese? ugh

    not even lazzara can pull that off

  • I am considering quitting my job and going back to the west side just for this sandwich. It may be a colossal mistake, but you only live once, right?

  • *The 38th St. location is between 7th and 8th

  • zach, i went to a sophie’s today thinking i might get the ML sandwich, and their version DOESN’T HAVE PLANTAINS!

  • p.s. it was the one on third and 50th or so (inside crystal pavilion)

  • Who doesn’t love calamari?!

  • Oh man, this sounds great!

    Daniel! We’ll have to do the calamari parm taste off between Catene by us in Brooklyn and this one!

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