Does Midtown Have a Counterfeit $100 Bill Problem


I noticed this little sign hanging on the register at FreeFoods NYC the other day when I was paying for my duck sandwich. This not only sucks for restaurants, but it sucks for consumers too. Just one more thing for me to worry about when I pay with a $1000 bill. Lesson learned… inspect every bill!

Oh, almost forgot… F all you FreeFoods patrons who actually have 100 dollar bills to pay for your lunch with.


  • That’s Fiscalism!!!

  • You really can’t step into that place with anything smaller than a half a C note.

  • I use my Amex Black Card and they don’t give me any problems :^)

  • This is especially galling at Free Foods, where it is entirely possible to pay more than $100 for lunch. Do they really want all of their patrons carrying wads of $20s to buy their organic sandwiches and mock pumpkin pie?

  • Now c’mon Zach, we all know you’re pulling in millions of dollars each month off ad revenues from Midtown Lunch, and you light your illegal cuban stogies with real 100 dollar bills as you drive to the Jaguar dealer to turn in yesterday’s car and pick up a new car every day.

  • A Jag? How Common.

    Aston Martin DBS.

  • You food bloggers are all about the benjamins

    Zach, after your next FreeFoods splurge, you might want to head over to Serendipity for dessert:

  • Counterfeit bills in MidTown restaurants?

    Maybe DocChuck has been visiting.

  • Ive got a meeting @ 4…where’s mamas pub revue?

  • i’m sorry, what can i get with a $20? that’s right, it’s not even enough to get two midtown lunch specials + tax.

    gotta hustle!!!

  • This sucks. Every single comment I thought about posting after reading this entry has already been made. :^(

    Crap! I’ve succumbed to the group mentality of the ML readers! 8^0

  • Yet another reason we should go back on the gold standard.

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