Ask Midtown Lunch: French Fries

“I work on 45th and Lex. Looking for a place that serves good fries. Any suggestions? I like them all. Shoe string to wedges. Just wanted to have a recommendation. I like spicy fries as well. Thanks for your help.” Oh, and before you recommend¬†Blarney Stone, don’t bother. “Blarney stone wedges are too big. Even KFC beats it by a mile.”


  • Rare on 38th and Lex has great cottage and truffle fries. It’s not really a ML spot, but they may deliver.

  • Magpie Cafe, Whitby N.Yorkshire.

  • Papaya Dog actually has good fast food style fries, and crispy too!

  • steak truck curly fries are pretty good

  • Papaya Dog? Is there one near this person’s office? Come on, Mamacita — you’re better than that!

  • Actually….5 guys…but Zach burnt it down.

  • Zocalo in the Grand Central food court, the best in the area by far. I think they charge about $3.50 for a huge order of fresh cut fries. But, they pack them to go in a sealed plastic container, which you need to crack open for the walk back to work or they’ll get soggy. Also, ask for the spicy chipotle mayo for dipping.

  • If it can manage to stay open, Old Bridge makes some quality french fries… just season to your taste with s&p.

  • Me likey burger joint fries. Frozen, yes, but tasty shoestring style. Although, 5 guys is the midtown benchmark for fries.

  • Sorry DDR, I had a flash back to a late night fast food binge at Papaya Dog on 9th ave….. mummm good…

  • I know the very one. There is an excellent “off-off Broadway” theater a few doors down from it.

  • 45th & Lex?

    Just go to McDonald’s and you can yuck it up with “Crazy Guy” if that’s his hangout for the day. If he’s not there, you may find him in Wendy’s. Fries ain’t as good there, but the entertainment makes up for that.

  • If you like very natural fresh non-processed fries, Olympic Pita has great ones. The only problem is that they don’t salt it. But you can add it on your own.

    And on the opposite end of the spectrum, I’m partial to McDonalds fries. If you’re going there during a lull, ask for no salt. Then they’ll cook you a batch fresh to order.

  • HA! DDR, If I think I got that reference correct, then you are a dirty dog! LOL

  • BXL, the Belgian bar on 43rd St. b/t 6th & 7th Avenue, has AWESOME addictive frites!!!

  • Mamacita – I may genuinely be a dirty dog, but there really is an excellent off off Broadway theater a few doors down from that Papaya Dog.

    Are you talking about that Asian “massage parlor” that used to be there? Know anything about that place?

  • @Phoebe I always walk by there on my way to work but have never been in, guess I’ll have to check it out. Also, I went in search of some amazing super thin shoestring fries last night, and while not in midtown, the Spotted Pig is really first rate.

  • Awhile ago, I was at the Public House and got a crab cake sandwich with fries. I have no idea what seasonings they put on the fries, but I thought it was some of the best I’ve ever had. It gets ridiculously crowded if you’re going after work, though.

  • I may not be normal, but I really like the fries at Chicken Bar/Ranch 1. Crispy, salty, and doused with honey mustard.

  • 99 Miles To Philly – quality fries.

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