Flavors Salad Redemption, Or A Case of Simple Physics?

A few weeks ago I posted a grievance sent in from a reader who wanted to complain about the salad at Flavors- a generic deli in the hallway beneath the Fox News building which may or may not be owned by Cafe Metro. Since then, it appears as if they have changed their policy… “Redemption song for flavors. I’m quite positive that the folks at flavors have read this grievance! I just got back from flavors and the salad was huge! not just mine but everyone around me as well. i think they’ve stepped up a notch because the salads taste great but now they are at a size worth its semi overpriced tag!”

Another luncher was quick to rebuke this shill enthusiastically delivered news by dropping a bit of science on me…

“FYI- I work in the Fox building upstairs from Flavors and have been there a few times. I have had the salads (though did not chop it) and it was quite full. Now, according to the laws of physics, if you take something and break it down in volume it appears as such without hampering the actual weight. In this case, you chop lettuce and it’s finer and less bulky decreasing in volume size creating an image of less salad in the bowl. If you measure the salad by weight it is the same. So… You are merely getting what you paid for. A chopped salad. Go to that place CHOPT on 51st street and you get the same thing for $$$more! Might want to go back to school my friend.”

(Ouch.)  Who said you never learned stuff on Midtown Lunch!?!


  • How come when I get a chopped salad at Just Salad it is filled almost to the brim, even when it’s chopped? The restaurants should account for the loss in volume by adding a few more swigs of lettuce. It’s just lettuce.

  • i totally dont work for flavors. if anything i’m a salad hater and would rather eat chicken over rice at biyrani. the point is, i went in and got two large peices of chicken and packed to the brim ‘chopped’ with lettuce and all the trimmings. i went back to work wrote out my comment and sent my co-workers. unfortunetly they didn’t have the same luck i did. they only got one peice of chicken and weren’t as happy with their salad as i was..

    so the bottom line is, smile big and hopefully you’ll get a good bowl of rabbit food and two peices of chicken. no shrillage.. just premature-acclamation. my bad.

  • Someone please explain to me the need or desire to have a salad chopped into pesto. Are New Yorkers now too busy to chew? Seeing those pre-chewed salads steeping in oil and vinegar in the bottom of their plastic containers really grosses me out, and vexes me. One of the only redeeming values of eating salad — and I’m hesitant to admit any — is the contrast of textures and the challenge of trying to discreetly stuff an entire romaine leaf into your mouth in a public setting. Take this away and all that’s left is the sadness.

  • IF you are feeling healthy, like I was after eating homemade cheesesteaks and Lou Malnati’s chicago deep dish pizza (which I had mail ordered to myself b/c I’m a pig) during the superbowl, I continue to advocate Tasty AFTER 6 pm on Madison between 32nd and 31st. Perhaps half a block out of Midtown Range, and a few hrs after “lunch” has ended, but they will basically unload their remaining salad bar and stuff it in your bowl until it barely closes! I got at least 2 scoops of everything last night! I cheered! I am still cheering! For 7.55, it was almost a fair price….! Tonight, it is back to Omaha gourmet hot dogs and burgers….And for lunch, my Murray’s Salami leftovers…! Salad once a week max!

  • My dearest TenOunceBourbon:

    Many New Yorkers, like other Americans, suffer from tooth loss and prefer to eat soft or pre-chewed food.

    Let this be a lesson to those who perform their own dental work just to save a buck.

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