Certe Completely Gets the ML Sandwich Challenge

Got this email from Certe, a deli on 55th btw. 5+6th, regarding the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge: “As of next Monday we will offer our Midtown Lunch Special on the menu. The Thanksgiving Dip ($8.95): Roast Turkey, cornbread stuffing, shmear of mashed potato and cranberry chutney on grilled flatbread, served with turkey gravy for dipping.” That’ll do Certe. That’ll do.


  • The block that brings us 5 Guys, Menchanko Tei, and Tuscany now brings us this. I may have to try it.

  • it’ll be like reliving the warmth of thanksgiving in the cold dreary midtown lunch… yum :)

  • Over the summer I made a turkeey burger with almost the exact same components except I was lazy and just used cranberry sauce… and no gravy… I hope their version is way better then mine lol.

  • Certe is amazing…not just for lunch, they Cater too!

  • I went there for lunch today. They didn’t have the sandwich. They apologized and said they’d definitely have it on Wednesday. I had a “bakers slice” and a “Italian Wedding” slice. Both were greasy, but tasty.

    I never even noticed that place until you posted this.

  • I had the same pizza today i noticed the crust was baked in or seemed to be a garlicky olive oil. i loved it. will go back

  • @ Harry- The post said “as of next Monday” … that’s in 5 days.

  • I wasn’t sure which Monday they meant. I thought the email might have been dated. I was actally going to go to El Rey, but I was so cold that I went for the short walk. It was worth it either way.

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