Steak Truck is Back! Kosher Oasis Nowhere to Be Found


I got a lot of worried emails last week wondering where the Steak Truck has disappeared to (normally parked on 47th and Park.) Well, yesterday the truck returned after a short vacation, and it seems as if their prices have gotten cheaper (although they assured me they are the same as they’ve always been.) Well, the steak and cheese sub definitely has… going from $4.99 back in August, to $3.99 (there is a double meat version on the menu now for $5.99 which they obviously didn’t advertise back when I originally tried it.) Anyway, it’s good to have them back! (Thanks to Lunch’er Grace for the photo.)

The Kosher Oasis cart, however, is a different story…

Kosher Oasis 

“Seriously, does anyone know where this delightful cart went? …the hotdog was sooo yum. did it change locations? If anyone knows…feel free to respond. Thanks!”

Yeah, I headed over to 44th & 6th to check out their falafel a few weeks ago, and it was gone. Has anybody spotted this cart anywhere? Cartwatch has officially begun…


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