Say Your Last Goodbyes to Hawaiian Tropic Zone

So, this is not technically a “Midtown Lunch” but I’d feel bad if I let it go unreported. The Feedbag is reporting that the Hawaiian Tropic Zone (on 49th and 7th) is going to close soon, and has told all of their bikini clad waitresses to look for jobs elsewhere. This is terrible news for all the lawyers and bankers who somehow managed to get their companies to pay for business lunches at this place (until they were told they couldn’t.) You guys know you are out there… this is a sad for all of you.


  • The closures in the area are depressing. The Brooks Brothers on 5th ave (and 53rd?) closed down. I have a feeling there will be more. Many of the Times Square stores lose money during normal times. They are just a presence.

  • Better titties and cheaper food at Rick’s

  • are they going to sell the decorations? i’s gots my eyes on those faux palm trees.

  • They’ve got to stay open through Valentine’s Day – that’s got to be like black Friday for them.

  • Unfortunately this isn’t a case of economics. There have been a string of sexual harassment, rape and underage drinking suits against the restaurant and management.

    I hope they go under, it couldn’t happen too soon!!

  • Another NYC closing

    Venerable Bookstore to Close in Village

    The Oscar Wilde Bookshop in Greenwich Village, which is believed to be the oldest gay and lesbian bookstore in the country, will close on March 29, its owner announced on Tuesday, citing economic troubles.

    The store nearly closed six years ago, only to be sold and given a last-minute reprieve.

    It was opened in 1967 on Mercer Street by Craig L. Rodwell, who was influential in the gay rights movement. It later moved to 15 Christopher Street. Mr. Rodwell, who inspired owners of gay bookshops around the country and who helped organize the city’s first gay pride parade in 1970, died of stomach cancer in 1993.

    More at:

    @brooklyngirl: You’re correct. They had a problem just last week with a manager telling an applicant that she “didn’t speak white enough.” The girl was latino.

  • I’ve got my eyes on those faux something-else… ;-)

  • This place has gotten a bad rap. The dangers of running a spot that rides on the edge of being an actual gentlemen’s club. It’s an easy target for shady lawyers (oxymoron) and anyone looking to make a fast/easy buck.

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