Empanada Joe’s Closes After Less Than 6 Months

File this email I just received under ‘Surprising (but not that surprising)’: “Just walked by the 43rd and 8th Avenue Empanada Joe’s (I had given this place two chances, and disappointed twice) and it was closed, a sign directing people to go to their 6th Avenue location.”


  • That blows… Really liked Empenada Joes… :(

  • Not even in the same league as Empanada Mama’s.

  • looks like the shilling finally caught up to them

  • Can’t say that I’m all that sad. I gave EJ’s a shot for the first time last week. I was expecting a flavorful handful of meaty goodness and got something that was more akin to a Hot Pocket.

  • It is no surprise to me. Mediocre empanadas definitely not worth the price they charge. I don’t see the other locations lasting the year.

  • That is too bad. They had such wonderfully affordable food that was healthy and served in a completely clean restaurant. I used to love to go on my lunch break and eat there by myself hoping that midtownlunchers would approach me to say hi. I will have to go to their 6th ave. location now to have some wonderful, healthy and food that is a great value.

  • Overprice fried food = healthy and a great value? Does not compute

  • I find it shocking and appalling that despite the numerous positive reviews on this site, that in no way reeked of a shill, you still refused to give this place a chance. I hold you personally responsible that this place closed.

    I guess I’ll be resigned to microwaving pepperoni hot pockets in my office kitchen at considerable cost savings and taste additions.

  • cute young lady eating alone,


  • I always found EJ pretty bleh, and a lot of comments about them, including one on this post were either shilling or proof that some seriously weird/creepy people frequented the place. I had a chicken empanada at El Rey few weeks ago that was wonderful. I used to go to a place near SVA on 14th, a sort of mini-chain. Not authentic at all, but really tasty and fun.

  • Unlike Maroons and National Wholesale Liquidators, that place wont be missed..

  • cute young lady eating alone,

    That was brilliant~!!

  • NWL went out ?

  • I finally got around to trying them this weekend, and can’t say I was impressed. Good riddance.

    Now if we want some real competition for Empanada Mama’s, let’s get Papa’s Empanadas of Queens in there. Cheeseburger empanada with a side of plaintain empanada and a broccoli for extra measure. Yum!

  • Good. It was awful. Maybe the recently departed Church’s Chicken will see fit to move in!

  • Ben, I walked down to the bdwy NWL yesterday and it was shuttered. A quick google search bought up the bankruptcy papers. Pretty sad. My european shower gel connection is gone..

  • I was hoping they would someday merge and become Empanada Joe Mama’s. Oh well.

  • I’ve never had Epanada Joes so I can’t comment on their taste but I did have Reuben’s Empanadas for the first time a few weeks ago. Someone brought a bag of them to a party and they were pretty much devoured within minutes. I think I tried the spinach/tofu one and one with chicken.. I was surprised how good they were.

  • I called this 5 months ago. A decent empanada, but the rest of it was garbage… and the place was a confusing mess.

  • this place is horrible!!! i waited at least 30min for 3 empanadas. Food sucks! People working there are mad ghetto as well.

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