Lazzara’s Offers 99 Cent Slice Recession Special


The newer location of Lazzara’s Pizza, located just out of bounds on 9th Ave. btw. 44+45th, has just introduced a recession special from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.: If you purchase a soda, you can get a single slice of pizza for 99 cents (and a second slice for $1.50.) They’re also selling a full 6 slice pie for $8.99 (normally $11.50). Both deals are walk in only, and not available at the original location on 38th btw. 6+7th, but it may be worth the extra walk if you’re as cheap as I am.


  • I’m guessing it’s just a plain cheese slice?

  • I think so, but there’s complimentary shredded newspaper to sprinkle on top–it’s the recession arugula!

  • The Salt is Dandruff.

    Don’t even ask what the choccy flakes on the expresso are made from.

  • According to my math, if you buy 6 slices al a carte (even if you have to buy 3 sodas to qualify for the purchase), the total is cheaper than that 6 slice pizza for $8.99. Or, are the pie slices larger than the 99 cent ones? I guess it depends on the size of the pie.

  • Correction, if 3 soda purchases are required, the pie is cheaper.

  • @eater – I love it. Just like a Midtown Lunch’er to try and find the price loophole. You make me so proud…

  • As small as those slices are I think that should be the going rate. How much is a soda?

  • To eater:

    If you look closely, the sign says that it’s 99 cents for the first slice and $1.50 for each additional slices.

    To DubbinBklyn:

    The slices at Lazarras are generally on the small side. I’m not a large eater but need 3 slices to fill me up.

  • So cut to the chase, does anybody know if the pizza is any good?

  • The pizza is great, just way overpriced. No fashion ass at the 9th avenue spot either.

  • I wonder how their pricing scheme will work out. Sure, it seems smart to keep people from buying 6 individual slices to beat the new pie price… but at most places they set the prices so the per slice cost is LESS when you buy MORE.

    Anyway, so this sounds like two slices and a coke for $3.50

    When you put it like that, it sounds super meh.

  • The canned soda are $2.00 (for a 12oz can) at the 9th ave location, it’s been a few months but I don’t recall fountain service. So make that $4.50 for 2 and a drink, at least you have change from your $10 to go get lunch at a street cart if you save some of the soda.

    $2.00 is what a 300% mark up? Some recession special.

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