Fresh Bites Becoming Simply Fresh

Sent to the ML Inbox by lunch’er Jesse: “Fresh Bites (on 6th btw. 56+57th) is turning into another generic salad/sandwich/soup place. They have a poster in the window… If I remember correctly it is “Simply Fresh”. More like “Simply Boring”. Also, next to the new Starbucks on 6th ave at 58th St is a brand new sign for “Well Greens Market” (looks amazingly similar to Walgreens sign). Don’t know what they will be doing yet… but I imagine it’s more salads.” Oh joy!


  • I miss Fresh Bites….they just up and disappeared.

    Does anyone remember the Chicken Tijuana panini (#12)?

  • i tried an my old egg sandwich for breakfast and my favorite ravioli soup for lunch and spent less than $9.00 for the day. Not bad! I missed Fresh Bites. They always have some soups ready first thing in the morning so I can buy my lunch at the same time that I buy my breakfast so I don’t have to come out again when its a nasty day!

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