Mitzy’s Macaron Alert

If you have been having trouble scoring the Itzy Bitzy macarons that are now being to delivered on Saturday mornings to Tafu (51st btw. Lex+3rd.), Kathy from A Passion for Food sends along this message from Mitzy herself regarding mid-week reinforcements: “I made another delivery to Tafu yesterday since Monday’s batches were gone already.” I’d go now if you’re interested, they probably won’t last long.


  • I went early on Tuesday and they only had chocolate and matcha. Wish I could have gone back later after they got the delivery.

  • I just went like.. 30 minutes ago.

    Three notes:

    1. I asked about how much a box of six was and the lady behind the counter was like “$16.50 a box and $17.85 with tax I think.” Seriously, how many do they sell a day that she memorized this?

    2. For individual macarons, they only had green tea ones which to be honest, hasn’t gotten much recognition thus far. I really had no intention of buying a box that had green tea, much less only individual green tea ones.

    3. I’m cheap as hell so when you tell me macarons are $2.50 individually, a lil math tells me for 6 that’s $15.00. So basically if I buy a box, I’m paying $1.50 for the box. Uh… maybe I’ll just take them in a plastic bag. Of course me saying this would probably cause them to up the price to $3.00 to make it worth while to buy the whole box.

    I actually forgot to ask if they had the box of six because I was disappointed that they didn’t have them individually. I was there last Friday after work, no dice. Today at lunch. No dice. I even went to the Indoor version of Brooklyn Flea on Sunday to discover they ain’t got food. Yes, in the last 8 days I’ve tried to procure these macarons three times and came up empty 3 times. You people. STOP EATING SO MANY! SAVE SOME FOR ME! Come on!

    Either this or I need to get some insider info from Kathy of when exactly these things get delivered. Jeebus they run out fast.

  • I just went there as well today and no luck (I was not going to buy the green tea since I didn’t love it the first time around). I have gone one other time this week and got 2 pistachio (which were amazing but vanilla is still my favorite). The lady behind the counter told me they will have more on Monday.

  • Wait, is she delivering Mondays and Wednesdays or Saturdays (with her regular deliveries) and Wednesdays?

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