Choice Eats Event is Back With Nothing From Midtown…Yet

The Village Voice’s Choice Eats event is back again for a second year, featuring over 50 restaurants hand selected by Robert Sietsema and Sarah DiGregorio.  Unlike other tasting events, which often cost hundreds of dollars, and feature bits of food from expensive restaurants- Choice Eats is a very cheap $35, and features the kind of places we like to eat at: cheap, interesting, and from all 5 boroughs. Last year, Margon represented Midtown (along with honorary Midtown Lunches Tiffin Wallah & Albert’s Mofongo House) but as of now there are no Midtown restaurants on the list.  I’m guessing by the time it is finalized we’ll get a little chaat action though, since Sarah DiGregorio wrote up Taj Delhi Chat, Sukhadia and Indus Express this past year.  Even just one would be a welcomed addition!

Even if no Midtown Lunches end up getting added to the event, it’s still pretty awesome and worthwhile.  It all goes down on March 31st at The Armory on 69th & Lex. from 6:30 to 9:30pm.  Tickets are on sale now, and cost $35.

Margon Does Midtown Proud at Choice Eats


  • should i be prepared for long lines and tiny bites? or will i be able to leave this thing overfull (which of course, is my goal)?

  • Last year there were definitely long lines for some of the more popular places (and the line just to get in was super super long), but you won’t leave hungry. These are moderately priced restaurants serving hearty food… not expensive restaurants serving little tiny bites.

  • For $35 its definitely worth it. The lines can get long for some stations, but I remember just walking up to others. Last year there was an open bar as well so you can totally get your money’s worth that way as well.

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