Washoku Cafe’s “Official” Grand Opening is Today


Even though they have been opened for a month now, Washoku Cafe (the new Japanese bento place on 37th btw. Mad+5th) is celebrating their official Grand Opening today.  The inside looked pretty much the same as it has looked for awhile now, but they are selling rice balls for 75 cents now through Friday.  They also coupons at the very front of the store, one for a free miso soup (which a few commenters have mentioned as being really really good) and another for a $5 lunch combo (normally priced at $8.50).  Enjoy!


  • Hello, thanks for recommending this wonderful place, I have never heard before about Washoku Cafe, but now I am going to visit it, of course together with my family. I like its design and of course it is wonderful, that they have all these sales and coupons.

  • Did you ask the same lady to stand outside when you’re taking a picture? In the original review she just has a diff bandana on and is talking on the cell…back to work!
    The soup is aight a little too much leeks or onions, it’s not the usual trio of tofu, seaweed, scallion.

  • i was there today. The staff is friendly, but still trying to get the hang of things. But food by the weight bar is quite expensive 7.00/lb. The lunch combo for 5.00 is only available for eat in.

  • I’ve been in there a few times since the “unofficial” opening. Food is fresh, people are friendly if a little disorganized. Fast for salads. I spoke with the lady in the picture, and she admits they are getting the kinks out of the system under the pressure of a busy lunch hour during the grand opening week.

  • Just went there today, didn’t see the coupons, but got a cod roe rice ball and a small miso for $2.17. They had a bento box with yakisoba wrapped in an omelette and topped with mayo, a rice ball with some veg bits in it, and two takoyako for $6. Good amount of food!

  • This has nothing to do with *lunch* but they also discount all the sushi, bento, and sandwiches by 30% late in the afternoon. Pickings were slim, though.

  • I just had a Chicken Katsu Don from there and it was REALLY good…Probably the best in Midtown so far. Although, it took a while to make the food (10mins), one of the workers gave us free miso soup for making us wait so long. Very clean place, quiet atmosphere, and nice variety of food.

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