I’m Sorry If You Are At Work Today…


If you are reading this at work, I have one question for you. Why does your boss hate black people?


  • Good question. I’ll go ask them as soon as I finish typing this.

  • cause their A$$HOLES

  • better yet who has an 8:30am meeting on MLK day…again….A$$HOLES

  • Floating holiday, I’d rather work today instead of the 3rd of July… Today would have gone to waste.

  • I am waiting for MX Day. :)

  • Ask yourself this question instead, Do you want to work? Unemployment rates at staggering high levels and businesses closing daily do you think it is smart to not work on a day when you can work?
    It is Dr. King’s birthday and a national holiday. National holidays are not a reason to close a business down. Some people take their careers very seriously. The why does your boss hate black people question is just lame. My boss likes to pay his mortgage as do I. It just is like that.

  • Kaleem. Well said!

  • Wow! Kaleem, do you feel as if you’ve informed us of something we didn’t know?

    The post is obviously meant to be a joke, unless you actually wanted to go ask your boss why he/she dislikes black people.

  • Hillary Clinton is working Today.

    And her Boss is Black.

  • ^^^
    Bwa ha ha ha!

  • my boss likes money.

  • I am with Kaleem on this one. That was a lame question.

  • Sense of humor FTL!

  • It’s a joke folks! And a damn good one, but I guess if you’re working right now you’d have no sense of humor. I can understand that.

  • @Kaleem

    You’re right! I mean, just b/c it’s a National Holiday doesn’t mean that a business has the right to slack off. I mean, the boss has a mortgage to pay on his Park Avenue high rise. So he/she has every right to send their employees off to work while they enjoy a nice vacation on the sandy beaches of Cancun.

    In that light who needs those other needless holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Independence Day, and etc.?

    Overworking FTW!

  • My beloved is asking what FTL and FTW mean in the context used in the comments above….

  • FLT is fat lesbian truckdriver
    Even they have to work on MLK day.

  • The prison system does not let me have off on a federal holiday. I have to show sexual hygience to inmates even on a holiday.

  • FTW = For The Win. Started out in sports (last minute score that wins the game) and co-opted by gamers on the internet.
    FTL = For the Lose. The opposite of FTW.

  • WTF is wrong with Cancun? Is there something wrong with going on vacation now? Work hard=play hard. You don’t get it because you don’t get it.
    FTW booyah

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