City Burger Pops Up on Nightline


Profiled Midtown Lunch’er Josh Ozersky (Editor of The Feedbag, and author of “The Hamburger: A History”) appeared on Nightline last week to talk about burgers. And while most of the 8 minute piece was pretty uneventful (Spotted Pig, Shake Shack, Pat La Frieda’s), the last few minutes took place inside City Burger! With all the things being said about this place when they opened, could anybody have imagined that just 8 months later, this hamburger place would be singled out on national TV? It just goes to show what a special Pat LaFrieda blend can do for your business.

Check out the video after the jump…


[via A Hamburger Today]


  • Despite the best efforts of food blogs, PR flacks, hollywood and Mr. Cutlets I just can’t get excited about an $11 burger – all this publicity about it is a bubble marking the Jump The Shark moment of NY food blogging

  • “…a coming up ‘fat guy eats a burger in Manhattan’…”

    Thank god theres nothing serious going on in the world.

  • i really wanted to dislike the black label burger…but i ordered one in to the office last week and it was one of the best burgers I’ve tasted in a long time. i work at 55th and park and city burger must have a huge delivery radius. Plus everything on the delivery menu is 10% off — so it’s only a $10 burger.

  • Wow, CB delivers out here? I may have to get some people in on an order with me.

  • Admittedly, Mr Cutlets’ choice of clothing was less than flattering and the close up of the debris in his facial hair made me throw up a little in my mouth, but overall Señor Cutlets did himself proud..

    Plus he was drinking beer at 9 am too. I like that in a man.

  • I stopped by City Burger early last week for lunch. Being in a fatass indulgent mood, I decided to get Combo 4 (burger, fries, drink, wings). The burger and fries were tasty (though a tad overpriced), but I would definitely pass on the wings. They were pretty dry and flavorless.

  • It goes without saying that DocChuck is currently giving hell to my aperture number one — which is covered by a blown up photo of Mr Ozersky and a fake beard — while yelling over and over again “I’ve got your gourmet meat blend right here, Cutlets!” At least DocChuck put fresh duct tape on his catheter bag before commencing – some new year’s resolutions are easier to keep than others. The singlewide is a-rockin, so don’t bother knockin.

  • I have a visual, ewww.

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