Lunch Studio Comes to Midtown

One of my favorite NYC blogs, Lunch w/ Front Studio, left their normal Soho beat for a meeting in Midtown earlier in the week.  They ended up picking up lunch from Pret on 42nd btw. 5+6th and called it a “rousing success”!  I don’t mind Pret, and the two sandwiches they bought sounded tasty enough, but ladies… next time you have a meeting near Bryant Park, can I recommend Cafe Zaiya (on 41st btw. 5+Mad) for your lunchtime needs? I know it was raining, and Zaiya is full block and half and avenue away from where you were- but it is well worth the extra walk… I’m just saying.


  • pretty nice comment, if I ran a blog about interesting lunch places in midtown and my counterparts went to Pret I’d consider it a pretty big slap in the face.

  • Oh no offense intended really! :)
    It’s just we never get Pret down here and sometimes that roast beef arugula parmesean baguette just hits a craving. Next time we’re in midtown for lunch we promise to consult the experts first.

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