Mac & Cheese Krokets Have Arrived at Danku

So I’m still waiting in the hopes that Danku (the Dutch/Indonesian fast food place on 57th btw. 5+6th) will see the writing on the wall, and make improvements before I give them the old +/-, but it appears as if the situation is getting bleaker and bleaker by the day.  The good news is, they finally got the mac-n-cheese croquettes on the menu.  The bad news is, they finally got the mac-n-cheese krokets on the menu.  Lunch’er Adam checks in with this report:

“So it’s the new year and Danku finally has mac-n-cheese krokets. Unfortunately they are as “mac-n-cheesy” as the beef krokets are “beefy”, which means they are just a mushy glop of something that tastes like mac-n-cheese. My artificially high expectations for the “dutch-indonesian fast food” has let me down as the food is made with the same TLC as the site’s predecessor (McD’s). I can’t rationalize the krokets as anything better than bar-food, and adding in a dressed-up salad for the “combo” doesn’t make them any more special.”

More from Adam, plus the Village Voice weighs in- after the jump…

“The krokets are good as bar-food to take into one of the local joints like Whiskey Trader or snuck into Whiskey Park, but on their own, I’d pass. For the price I’d rather have the appetizers on Brasil Row (46th btw. 4+6th). The coxinhas/bolinhios/pastels/rissolis (fritters/patties) are about the same price and 10-times the quality and flavor. The only time I’ll be back at danku is when I have some drinking to do and need some grease and starch to buffer the booze. Just my $0.02 :)”

Sarah DiGregorio from Village Voice’s “Fork in the Road” blog agrees, saying “the mac-and-cheese version was filled with a starchy yellow mash that seemed like puréed boxed mac and cheese. Very strange, and not particularly good.”  However, she said she may return for the curry chicken krokets, only if she “suddenly had a craving for fried chicken pot pie.”

*Sigh*  I hate it when places that seem so exciting in theory, fail to deliver the goods.


  • Bondie….you as Thelma, Mamacita as Louise….i’ll be Brad Pitt.

    Chucky can be the guy you shoot in the carpark.

  • side note: a read that wolfhounds were originally bred by the Celts and trained to pull armored knights off their horses, and crush their windpipes if possible. How fucking cool is that! This actually gives me an idea, do you think your wolfhound could be trained to pull fat people out of trailers?

  • Mama, Park Slope is a little out of the way for my lunching needs but I’ll try them for dinner sometime.

  • Well, that’s what i meant, or next till you come out with us.

  • I mean, “Next Time” Jeeze… I need coffee

  • Hah, definitely. Next time your going for burritos I’m there, just PM me on that other board.

  • I’m not sure what was “exciting in theory.” Having recently spent 6 months living in Holland, I can attest that Dutch food is bad. Very bad. Or, as a French friend commented in assessing the local food, “they are barbarians.” And that’s why she would travel to France every other weekend to stock up.

  • Yeah, I guess “real burrito” was the wrong thing to say… my point was, if you want a burrito on a plate, covered in sauce there are a million places in New York City to get that style of burrito. And I assure you Tehuitzingo’s version is even weird when held to that standard.

    What I was excited about was the possibility that they would serve the same style of burrito that you find in California (at places that sell tacos similar to the Tehuitzingo tacos.) The burritos that are super fat, but rolled perfectly, and don’t fall apart- so no fork and knife necessary… but tastes better than Chipotle.

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