Halal Bakery & Pizza Being Torn Down For Something Much Bigger?


I never got the chance to try the Halal Bakery & Pizza on 8th Ave. & 36th Street, and it looks like I never will. Sent to the ML Inbox, and confirmed by the photo above: “Halal Pizza and Bakery is gone. It looks like it was ransacked. When I first started work in the area it was the go-to lunch alternative, a steal at $1.00/slice. When they raised the prices to $1.50 over a year ago I boycotted the location; however, over time it became a good deal once again and recently reconciled with the corner shop. And now it’s gone. It’s like we’ve lost a friend.” Apparently they were known for their doughnuts as well, which makes me even more bummed I never checked it out. According to a different tipster, the super dingy looking Noodles 36 around the corner (btw. 8+9th) is closed as well.

In fact, when I showed up this afternoon I discovered that all the places on that block are closed and being gutted, along with the newsstand just north of the pizzeria/bakery on 8th Ave. Thankfully the construction stops there, sparing the Dunkin Donuts/Taco Bell/White Castle next door. Hopefully whatever monstrosity they are putting in there is some good food- and not another bank or crappy chain.


  • that’s a shame. Noodle 36 was pretty decent too. Oh wellz.

  • Signs on Monday stated that the Halal Bakery and Pizza location was being sold in public auction that afternoon. No signs posted on any of the other storefronts.

  • Wow I literally work right across the street and used to buy pizza and doughnuts there all the time. It was my I’m broke but I still need something to eat stand in.

    I can’t believe it closed down and I didn’t even notice.

  • The people moving into the under construction luxury hi rise around the corner from there wont know what they missed…

  • Being one who works right there, I’m devastated! I loved the fact I could get pizza for a buck [ok buck fifty] and have it be better than the $2.50+ pizza from the delis next door. Quick, cheap and tasty. Rare combo, forever extinguished!

  • I passed this place so many times….alas….i was dieting(and lost weight) so i resisted the temptation of trying it out. Sigh.

  • I have to tell you that that White Castle location was possibly the most frightening place I have ever been to in NYC. I can’t even begin to describe the horror, from the clientele to the smells. I remember a lot of people with sores and suppurating bandages. The White Castle on 5th and 37th, may she rest in peace, was fantastic. Alas, it is gone.

  • I just noticed the closing on Monday when I was walking towards Penn Station. As for the White Castle…. the fun begins when the recording plays, reminding patrons that there is no loitering permitted on the premises, that if they have not purchased food they will be removed forcibly by the police department. When things really get rowdy, an alert sounds and the manager makes an audible announcement. Then the cops show up and escort the offenders off the premises.

  • What a sad day for all mankind…This place was amazing..

  • Did anyone come across a CBS story that claimed Halal Bakery & Pizza was not in fact using Halal meat for its sandwiches?

  • Navid…Are u talking abt them using pathmark meat???..

  • Time to head over to 53rd and 6th for some gyro platters

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